The day I proved myself wrong


Essay writing has never my strong point throughout school. In fact, english has always been my worst subject at school!

It wasn’t until in Year 12 when I worked my butt off to get my writing skills up to scratch because I needed a good score in English to boost up my ATAR score.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard as I did back in Year 12, and it paid off – I got a decent English score (39) with the help of my two amazing english teachers. And I got into Melbourne! Woohoo.

But you know, I still struggle writing my assignments at uni. Writing essays in high school and Uni are COMPLETELY different as you will all know by now.

It was annoying because I’ve started to get awesome marks in English at the end of high school, and now at Uni – I’m back to square one! It was VERY frustrating because it’s like – everything you’ve been taught about essay writing in high school is in fact, a lie!


So I decided to make a goal at the start of this year to strengthen my writing skills. I’ve been reading more academic articles, borrowing some writing guides, browsing through the academic skills website for tips etc.

And you know what, something magical happened when I got my results back for an assignment (it was for EDUC10057: Wellbeing, Performance and Education – my breadth subject, worth 40% I think)

Check it out

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 5.18.04 PM

First off, a H1 for an assignment? YES!

And wait…full marks!?



I honestly thought it was a mistake and asked my lecturer if there has been an error with turnitin. But she said that it was indeed a good paper!

I never ever thought that it was possible to get full marks, let alone ME getting full marks.

It’s been a massive learning curve when it comes to writing uni essays. I remember getting my first essay back in first year, with a lousy mark because I had no clue how to reference, no idea how to structure my essay, and generally didn’t know to write the piece!

And this was before I was introduced to Academic Skills and itutes. If you don’t know who/what Academic Skills are, you must read THIS post.

Although you only get 4 appointments per semester, I got so much out of them. We rarely get an opportunity to speak to our lecturers and ask for help. So it was just nice and very comforting to speak to someone who knows their stuff. It’s a free service, so why not use it!

I also want to say a big thank you to Steve from Academic Skills for his advice and support with this assignment! He’s pretty awesome.

Moral of the story is – get help if you need help, and hard work pays off!



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