PRACS: What I’ve learnt/tips (pt 3)


Here’s the final post for the Pracs trilogy! (Sorry for the delay)

If you missed the previous 2 posts, you can find them here:

Pt 1: First year vs Second Year Pracs

Pt 2: What do I do?

Here are some of my tips when it comes down to surviving your pracs!

One shall read the prac notes beforehand


READ YOUR NOTES! There are some tricky instructions in the pracs.

Especially when you’re in second year, and your prac notes and instructions can be as long as 12 pages.

Grab a highlighter out, and highlight the important steps and concepts. And if there are concepts that I’m not sure of, I would grab my textbook out and do some reading to refresh my memory.

Then in a different colour – I would highlight the questions that I have to answer because most of the time, those questions will be asked again either in the post prac or the exam!

p.s. Anyone who is thinking of doing Animal Structure and Function, did you know that 1/3 of your exam mark is based on the pracs?

Always bring gloves to pracs!


You don’t have the luxury of your high school teacher providing the gloves for you anymore! It’s BYO at uni!

I remember in first year biology, none of us realised that gloves weren’t being provided for the rat dissection. And yes – we went into panic mode because none of us wanted to touch that stuff.

And if you read the prac notes beforehand, you would know what to expect out of the prac!

I always throw a spare pair of gloves in my dissecting kit because I know there’s always someone who forgets them in my prac :)

Bring the required materials


It’s the little things like, bringing your stationary, lab goggles, lab coat etc.

And don’t forget CLOSED-TOED SHOES! They won’t let you do the prac if you have thongs on. Every lab have spare pair of stinky old shoes, and they WILL make you wear them.

Don’t understand something? Ask for help!


There is absolutely no shame in asking your demonstrator for help.

I’ve gotta admit though, I’ve always been a bit hesitant and shy when it comes to asking questions. I’ve had some not-so-friendly demonstrators in the past that were rather snappy whenever I asked questions during the prac. Or if I asked a basic question, they would insinuate that I haven’t paid attention in the lecture etc. So, there has been set backs in confidence levels.

But you know what, who cares about what they think! We have every right to ask as many questions as we want, no matter how silly or stupid they are.

What have you got to lose?


Hope that you’ve enjoy the Prac Trilogy!


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