Another semester done


That’s another semester in the bag! Here are break down of how each week of this semester has been like for me.

Week 1 – “I’m so excited to go back to uni! Woohoo!”


Week 2 – “Yeah, I’m on top of all the work for once!”

dancing bubs

Week 3 – “ it just me or is uni starting to get a bit crazy?”


Week 4 – “It’s okay, I can totally do this!”


Week 5 – “Ohmygod what have I gotten myself into.”


Week 6 – “Why would they put the assignment due dates and mid semester tests on the same week!”

beggin me to hate you

Week 7 – “Whatever”


Week 8 – “DIE UNI DIE!”


Week 9 – “Hanging in there”


Week 10 – “Time to turn things around!”


Week 11 – “Oh dear, that’s quite a bit of work I need to catch up on.”


Week 12 – “Thank goodness the semester is over!”

tumblr_inline_mn1v1msEXa1qz4rgpI hope everyone has had a somewhat enjoyable semester!


4 thoughts on “Another semester done”

  1. Hey Daphane! Great post! I just had a brief question…are you planning on doing more subject reviews before semester 2 starts?

    1. Hi Mouri!

      Glad you enjoyed the post!

      I’ll definitely be reviewing my subjects once exams are over. And once the exam period is finished – I’ll put a blog post out to ask people to review their subjects.

      But subject reviewing isn’t the biggest thing on my blog because I don’t really want to re-invent the wheel (UMSU has got this sort of area covered).

      If you after more subject reviews, do check out the UMSU counter course handbook:

      Daph :)

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