My swotvac/exam prep tips


The time has come to buckle down and study!

It’s crazy how much the exams are worth (mine are worth over 50% of my grade), and I think there are pros and cons to this.

PRO – if you haven’t been doing so well during the semester, exams is where you can redeem your marks!

CON – because exams are worth so much, it can pull down your grade if don’t put in the effort (been there done there – I was nailing my assessments throughout the semester for one of my first year subjects, then when it came to exams, I bombed out and got a borderline H3/P. LESSON LEARNT)

So it would be a good idea to invest a bit of time and put in the effort when it comes to exams!

Here are some of my tips to prepare for your exams:

Organise your time – create a study plan!

exam 9

Creating study plans is a good start to kick off swotvac! Instead of wasting time thinking of what to study next, you’ll know exactly what to study next when you have your study plan laid out.

HOW does one create a study plan?

Long story short – check out Academic Skill’s website:

And don’t forget to schedule in study breaks! You can’t study 24/7!

Prioritise your time


For example, if you have an exam on the 8th June and on the 28 June. Which one would you start studying first? Obviously the one that is earlier!

And party time can wait! There’s the end of exam parties waiting for you at the end of the road :P

Procrastination = NO

study 1

Do what you have to do to stop procrastinating! If you must, deactivate Facebook!

BUT! Do reward yourself after a study session :)



One thing I’ve learnt this semester is that, instead of learning EVERYTHING – it’s best to look at the bigger picture, and find themes in the lecture content.

For example, finding themes will help you link the lecture content together = better way to memorise things!

Keep your sleeping patterns consistent


Nothing worse than turning up to a 9am exam feeling groggy and tired! Try to wake up and go to bed at the same time :)

Find a study space that’s right for you


Need a quiet place? Try the silent zones at the libraries.

And it’s also good to do a quick clean out of your table so you’ve got a good space to work on.

I can finally see the bottom of the study table after weeks of notes scattered everywhere! Woohoo!

Get help if you need it


I reckon if you are having trouble understanding the lecture content – sometimes the best people to ask for help are your friends!

Why? Because they can explain it in basic words that we can all understand instead of some crazy mumbo jumbo lecturers spit out.

Don’t forget that we have services on campus to help you out if you need a hand, the two main ones I can think off the top of my head are Academic Skills and Counselling and Psychological services.

Take care of yourself!


Stay away from sick people, do a bit of exercise to build your immune system, keep hydrated, and make sure you are getting enough sleep!

And stay away from drama! (or in my case, drama follows me)

Lastly, have a little faith and stay positive!


If you feel like you’re doomed for exams – STOP THINKING LIKE THAT!

You’ve got time to turn things around!

Keep calm and smash out the studying!



That is all. Good luck!!



2 thoughts on “My swotvac/exam prep tips

  1. Hi,
    Can you explain how the grading works?
    i think you’re doing a great job with this blog! And good luck with your exams :)

    1. Hi Nitika! Are you asking about what the grade means, or how they calculate it?

      If you’re asking about what the grades mean, this website will help you:

      In term of calculating your overall result for your course (GPA – grade point average), Melbourne Uni doesn’t actually calculate this for us (weird I know). But here is where you can find more info:

      I hope that helps! :)

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