Finding motivation to study

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I think at some point during swotvac, everyone hits that wall where you lose all sense of motivational and will to continue studying. I hit that wall on wednesday! haha.

So I figured everyone might need a little motivation to study at the moment.

Here we go!

Remind yourself WHY you are studying in the first place


It’s funny when you ask this question to people because a lot of us stumble with this question. Some common responses are…to do something better with my life, to get this job in the future, or simply because I have to.

My main motivation is to study is that the world is such an interesting and amazing place, yet I only know about 0.00001 about it. Why science? Because I am interested in the mechanics of how and why everything works. Why Zoology? Because animals are mysterious and weird! I mean, why do they do they things they do? How do they know how to do these things etc.

But then, the question – why do I need to study for my exams?

Frankly – to get the best marks possible. (As much as I hate basing education on marks)


So I can get into my quota subjects and get a good GPA. (p.s. QUOTA SUBJECTS SHOULD BE BANNED!)


So I can have more career options later down the track in life.

My dream job is to be an educational officer at a zoo! And well…there aren’t many jobs out there for that. So that is another motivation for me to study.

Try to find what your motivation is to study (I know it’s harder than it sounds), write it down, and stick it on your wall. So when you are about to throw the towel in – you can remind yourself why you are studying in the first place :)

Set some reasonable goals when you are studying


If we have the mindset where we approach studying as ‘mission impossible’, then we’re not going to get very far.

Yes, there is A LOT of content to cover, but instead of setting a big goal of learning everything…try setting little study goals.

For example, in my zoology subjects – instead of setting the goal to learn EVERYTHING, I would set little goals like, learning different topics. By doing this, you know that you have accomplished something in your time studying!

Reward yourself and have a break after a good study session!

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 12.43.05 PM

Celebrate the little wins when you are studying! If you finally understand that stupid and annoying concept, do reward yourself!

Treat yourself when you have done a good studying session.

You are not stupid – you obviously had what it takes to get into Melbourne Uni in the first place

Aww :(

If you think you are stupid, YOU ARE NOT. You had what it takes to get into Australia’s number 1 university, you were obviously doing something right.

I feel like it was easier to be motivated in VCE (high school) than in University majority of us because the goal was laid out by our teachers etc. for us to get into university. And now that we are here…what now? (You get what I’m saying?) And this brings us back to asking yourself why you are studying.

Try to think back to what your motivations were when you are studying to get into Melbourne Uni, then see if you can tap back into that!

Stop feeling bad for your mistakes over the semester


If you have missed a lot of lectures or have not studied over the semester as much as you’d like to – acknowledge that you had a boo boo, forgive yourself and move on!

There are so many things I wished I had done over the semester such as doing the readings etc.

But there’s no point fretting over it now. We can only learn from our mistakes for next semester!

Don’t make yourself feel bad over your mistakes in the semester, you’re better off investing your emotions and time toward catching up now.

You CAN do it :)


If you think about it, 4 weeks (or however long your personal exam period is) is nothing in the grand scheme of things. There is plenty of time to party and do other fun things to do.

But remember that exams is not life or death. There will be exams that we won’t do so well in, and there will be exams that we do well in.

I think the worst feeling is that knowing you didn’t try!

Cue motivational music

Good luck!



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