Libraries on campus


I’ve been to the library so many times to study for my exams lately, that it almost feels like I live there. (Very sad, I know)

So here’s a library-gif-themed blog post!

When I go to Rowden White

me at rowdy white

When the blinds go up in Ballieu


Me, searching endlessly for a powerpoint for my laptop


After a long night studying at the library


People who talk super loud in the library


When someone requests the book that I’m borrowing


Trying to magically fit all the books I borrowed into my bag


When Discovery says that my book is available, but when I look for it on the shelf, it’s not there


When I use the Ask the Librarian chat, or use the self-serve check out

As you can tell…I am easily excited over the little things.

And when I finally find a computer to use in the library


p.s. I had a couple of messages from people asking me how come there wasn’t a new post last night – and well, this girl has exams too you know? haha – but I’m glad that you are following my blog so religiously.

Daph :)

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