On the day of your exam


Don’t know what to expect on exam day? Maybe this blog post can help to fill in the gaps!

Before the exam

Put your belongings away in the storage container

Chicago-Nebraska Picture
It’s nothing glamorous

But hang on to your valuables! You can bring them into the exam room, and you just leave it on the floor. This includes, phones, ipods, wallets etc.

Keep in mind that no one polices or watch these storage containers when you are sitting the exam. If possible – don’t bring a bag at all.

Double check your seat number


There is usually a big list posted outside the venue. Make sure that your remember/write down your seat number!

Go to the restroom


At REB, doors are open before the exam for anyone who needs to use the restroom, but they do close some time before the exam.

During the exam

Put your student card on the table


Put your student card on the table as the examiners come and check to make sure you are sitting in the right seat, and to verify who you are.

If your table is shaky…


Don’t sit there for the entire exam working on a shaky table! Get the examiner’s attention, and let them know.

They have little cardboard pieces to put under the table to fix it up.

If you need anything, put your hand up and the examiner will come (hopefully)


If you need to use the restroom during the exam, or if you finished your exam early and want to go home – make sure you get approval from the examiner before leaving!

After the exam



You’re one exam done, and one step closer to the holidays! And if it’s your last exam – go nuts!

Oh and – don’t forget to get your bag if you brought one.

Hope everyone is hanging in there during this exam period :)


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