My typical exam day


Exams, exams, exams. Here is what my typical exam day is like:

Waiting outside REB


Double checking my seat number


When the doors open

i don't want to go

When reading time starts, and I see how ridiculous this paper is going to be

anigif_enhanced-buzz-7543-1367258810-0When I come across questions I know the answer to

7507When I see questions I have no clue what the answer is


When the examiner snatches my student card off the table without warning


Then they start flipping through my papers messing up the order I’ve put them in, asking me all these questions, asking me to fill in boxes, and I’m like…

26196Halfway through the paper

tumblr_meznmu5slM1rxcw1kMe, trying to walk as quietly as I can to the restroom during the exam


When examiners are hovering over my shoulder


The last 5 minutes of the exam


When they make the announcement that the exam is over


Then comes the mad rush to get out of the exam room


Me, after an exam on my way home


Catch you all on the other side.


4 thoughts on “My typical exam day

  1. Totally going through all your old posts about exams Daphane and envisioning the next two weeks :P These really help :) Good luck with everything!

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