My holidays so far

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To my friends out there – yes, I know…I’ve kinda dropped off the face of the Earth since exams have finished (sorry!)

And apologies for the lack of blogging! I’ve had a case of writer’s-block, and I’ve been very indecisive as to what I want to post. In the past couple of days, I’ve written up 15 drafts, but I just can’t bring myself together to finish any one of them! Plus, life has been rather crazy at the moment as I’m about to fill you in.

So! Back to the point of the post – although it is the winter break, my holidays hasn’t quite started yet! I’ve been busy preparing for this killer yet exciting week.

Here is what’s happening in Daphane-land!

Working full time this week

For those who don’t know – I work at the Australian Mathematical Science Institute (AMSI) which is located on Monash Rd (on campus), doing admin-y stuff. This week is our big Maths of Planet Earth conference, and we have international speakers flying in for this week-long conference. So yeah, I’m working full time at the conference this week!

On top of that, I am also…

Moving house this week

Yes I am moving house with the family! I’ll be heading further south into Chelsea Heights area, and although it’s going to take me a bit longer to venture into uni every day – I get my own room with a view.

And by view I mean, the garden (it’s exciting to me!)

It’s all very nostalgic and even a bit sad to pack up my life into boxes. And a bit depressing – because I’m sleeping on the floor in the mean time as my bed is currently dismantled and sitting in the garage. The house is a mess and it’s very empty :(

And on top of that…

I’m seeing David Attenborough this week!

Sir-David-AttenboroughHell yes! I get to see my science hero in the flesh this friday night, and I am so so so excited!

p.s. I’m looking very forward to National Science Week in August as I managed to snap tickets for IFLS live in Sydney! Any science student out there would understand how amazing this event is going to be :)

And on top of that…

I’m flying off to Singapore this weekend!

image_5After a crazy semester, it’s time for a well deserved holiday! I will be gone for a week or so, and when I get back…it’s straight to volunteering at AAD (academic advice day), and o-week (which I am super excited about). Then back to uni!

I cannot wait for nice hot weather, awesome food, and lots of animal-related adventures (because it’s so much cheaper to do anything animal-related things in Singapore).

But long story short – I was born in Singapore and raised in Australia, and I haven’t been back since I left. (It’s been about 12-15 years since I’ve been back to Singapore?). It would be super great to re-discover family roots and explore the culture of my birth country!

Anyhoos – just thought I’d give you all an update on things on my side of town. Hope you are all having a good break so far!

Daph :)

6 thoughts on “My holidays so far

  1. Hey,
    I have been looking for a job on campus, and being the maths lover that I am a job at Amsi sounds good. i am a first year – do you know when they hire?
    Great post btw!

  2. Hi Daph,

    How do we apply for midyear orientation host or as an open day guide volunteer? (I’m not sure if positions have closed yet)
    Thanks in advance! Your break sounds jampacked yet so amazing btw :D

    1. Hey there!! Sorry for the late reply, I’m still trying to smash through all my emails etc.

      I believe that both oweek host and open day guide volunteer gigs have been closed :(

      Hopefully there will be more volunteering stuff coming up soon for you!

      And yes – my break is going to fly past! Having lots of fun but feeling pretty tired haha. I hope you enjoy the rest of your holidays!

      Daph :)

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