Back to Uni checklist

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Where-oh-where has these holidays gone to! I hope you’ve all had a productive and enjoyable break :)

I am currently on my way to Singapore airport, ready to fly back home to Melbourne!

So while I am playing the waiting game, here’s a little blog post to help you prepare for the new semester!

Get your textbooks


If you are planning to buy your books, time to start doing a bit of research and find where you can find the best price for them!

See my other textbook-related blog posts: Where can I find second hand textbooks and Textbook FAQs


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Possibility the best thing about starting a new semester, is the trip down to officeworks to buy new stationary and notebooks!!

Check your LMS

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There should be a couple of subjects available on the LMS now, so best to have a play around and note down the key important dates such as when your mid semester tests are, when the assignments are due etc.

Plus, check if your prac are running in the first week or not!

Double check your timetable and suss out where your classes are

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 10.10.20 AMSometimes classes may change, sometimes the rooms get moved around – so it’s best just to check your timetable again! (If there are any changes to the timetable, you should receive an email to inform you about it!)

Plus, it’s good to start figuring out where your classes are on campus. I’m quite excited to be venturing to new buildings this semester! I haven’t been in the Med, MSLE, or in the Microbiology building before.

Good places to search for your lecture/class rooms are here: Unimelb online map or Lost on campus.

That’s all that I have time for! Time to check in. I’ll try to bring some sunny weather back to Melbourne with me!


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