Back to uni we go!


It’s so weird being back at uni!

It’s nice to be back and seeing familiar faces around the campus, but it’s hard to snap back into this whole routine lifestyle again, and back into this ‘studying’ business! In fact – can I even remember how to ‘study’? How do I take notes again? How do I do everything again?

I know it will take a bit of time to adjust and get back into the swing of things, but I’ve got assessments starting this week already and I’m still in holiday mode, and and and I need the studious Daphane back!

My lectures today were quite bland, and very admin-based. The lecturer in the morning also kindly reminded us that only 9% of students got a H1 in the exam. Well…thanks? I think?

I am quite excited about this semester! From the look of things, it will be quite hands and there will be LIVE animals in my pracs. And apparently there’s going to be lots of stats for me this semester…which is going to be challenging (I am quite mathematically challenged!), but it will work out!

Anyways, to kick things off for semester 2, here is a GIF filled post!

Waking up this morning

waking upTrying to make my way into uni


I’ve forgotten how many people there are at uni, and how big the campus is! Goodness!

When I saw the line for the Co-op


When I looked at the price of my textbooks


Me, trying to walk through a crowded union house with a full cup of coffee

aD0mYQ9_460saI am quite the clutz, and with so many people around bumping into me – that just makes things even worse!

How I feel about the road detours around the architecture building


Those road blocks and detours because of the stupid construction is the most annoying thing ever!

When I pretend to be a member of a club for free food


When I bump into friends who I haven’t seen since last semester


Me, trying to say hello to a friend sitting in front of me in a lecture


Surviving the first day of semester


I hope everyone had a good first day back yesterday!



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