When in a lecture

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 9.37.03 PMAnd that’s a wrap for week one! I hope everyone has had a good start to the semester :) If not, don’t worry – I’m already behind on the workload. Oopsies!

Let’s end the week with a SUPER edition of one of my GIF blog post! The theme for this GIF post is…Lectures!

Here we go!

Before the lecture

Me, on my way to morning lectures


Mandatory caffeine hit before lectures


When I walk in the lecture theatre, and the previous lecture hasn’t finished yet


Then I try to find a seat, but everyone has decided to sit in the aisle seats even though there’s still plenty of room in the middle


Don’t get me wrong – if you need to leave early or for some other reason, I’m not hating on you! It’s those people who kick up a fuss when I politely ask them to let me through.

Here are 10 lecturers you may come across

1. The lecturer who reads off the slides, word by word


2. The lecturer who puts you to sleep134752 3. The lecturer who makes no sense at all


4. The lecturer who makes you think


5. The lecturer who blows your mind


6. The lecturer who doesn’t arrange the lecture slides in order


7. The lecturer who is technologically-challenged and can’t figure out how the microphone works to save their life

cosby_omg8. The lecturer who makes you remember why you’re studying this field in the first place

tumblr_inline_mhof08z3j01qz4rgp9. The lecturer who doesn’t put the lecture slides up on LMS beforehand


10. The lecturer who basically talks to themselves and mumbles for the whole lecture


During the lecture

Sometimes, when everyone around me is taking notes…


When you actually understand what the lecturer is on about


The awkward silence when the lecturer asks a question


The lecturer, when someone’s phone goes off in theatre


When the lecturer goes overtime


When the lecturer asks if anyone has any final questions


When the lecture is finally over

My reaction

hEB368744And everyone rushes out of the theatre

h57A66C5FThe End.

Have a good weekend everyone :)



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