New coffee hotspot on campus: Standing Room!


Introducing the newest coffee hotspot on campus: Standing Room! It’s always nice to see new things happening on campus, especially when it comes to food and drinks! They’ve only opened up not long ago, and I must say – they make pretty awesome coffees there!

The story behind Standing Room

Thomas is first on the left!

Meet the owner of Standing Room, Thomas Kelly!

Long story short: Thomas started his Bachelor of Environments right here at Melbourne Uni in 2012 (last year), but he had other plans in mind. He had a passion for good food and coffee, and decided to start up his own business here at uni. So after pestering the uni for a space for a long time, something finally came up at the beginning of this year in Union House, and then the Standing Room was born!

Everything you need to know about Standing Room


Opening hours: Mon – Fri 8am-5pm

Coffee: Small $3.50, Large $4. There’s no extra charges for a double shot or for soy (p.s. They use Bonsoy!!!) And they sell T2 teas as well. Yummy!

Food: They also sell little loaf cakes! All gluten free.

Where: You can find Standing Room on the ground floor of Union house, in between Zambrero and that bubble cup place.



So if you ever need a caffeine hit at uni, do head over to Standing Room and give them a shot! I highly recommend them :)


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