Open Day 2013 wrap up

It’s so weird seeing Grattan St closed!

Open Day is probably one of the biggest and most important events in our uni calendar! It’s a day where we showcase our university to the public and show everyone what we’re made of – and what a day it was!

First of, sorry if I bombarded with you all my open day posts on facebook yesterday! I running a live facebook feed with what was happening around campus.

Here’s a re-cap of how Open Day went on my side of things!

Open Day volunteer guide


Open Day got off to a shaky and frantic start. I was volunteering as an Open Day guide in the morning and let’s say that things could have been better.

We were suppose to be manning the booths at 9am, and registrations opened at 8.30am. So I got there 8.20am but didn’t finishing registering untill 9.15am! Last year it was all smooth sailing – you got there, you sign in, walk one loop around the room, collecting everything and off you went! And there were many hands on deck helping with signing people on.

But this time, we queued up with only ONE person ticking our names off (that poor person). Then you went to grab your jackets, then you had to queue up AGAIN on the other side of the room, to be allocated to a booth. Instead of a quick 5 minute registration, it just took far too long.


And there was also a market research volunteering position on offer by UMSU – which a lot of the open day people ‘allegedly’ signed up for. We all received the email from them to sign up for it, but a lot of us didn’t want to do it – because who would want to hassle people to fill in their details on a nice occasion like this!

So although people didn’t sign up for that role, didn’t attend that training, they were put in a position where they had to do it even when some of them REALLY didn’t want to do it! Not cool. So much for “volunteering”.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 10.30.24 PM
Volunteers work for free, but we don’t work for nothing

So I wasn’t too thrilled when they approached me, asking me to walk around uni and get people to sign up to fill in a survey.

ANYWAYS! Enough of that stuff (apologies for the negativity).

Once we were allocated a booth, we were out the door power walking to our booths (since we were already late) – only to go to an EMPTY booth. No tables, no showbags, no programs, no maps, no nothing! And no one knew what was going on.

At this time, people have already flooded in from all corners…all wanting things which we could not provide!

Honestly, it was quite embarrassing.

But hey – it’s times like these where all of our volunteers shine! I think that all the open day guides did an amazing job considering the circumstances. It’s great to see people using their initiative, and stepping up and take leadership during a time of chaos. All the volunteers supported each other, and worked together as a team to pull it off. Awesome work fellow volunteers! *fistbump*

Our booth at Gate 4!

And here’s a bit more drama to kick start the morning! We spotted something happening that involved campus security and the POLICE!

Campus security and the police smells trouble lurking about

We’re not sure what exactly happened. But nek minnit…


Some dude got arrested! That’s a first for me at uni!

Other things happening around campus


I really enjoyed the marching band!! It’s nice to have some music floating around campus. Plus, these guys are super awesome! Can you imagine how heavy that baritone saxaphone (mega big saxaphone to the left) is to carry around uni!? Props to that guy!

And of course, all the action was on South Lawn! Everyone from student services was there, MU sports etc. But I must say – disappointed with the lack of freebies!

IMG_2712The bands playing on South Lawn were AMAZING! I was really enjoying all the music :) This band (photo above) in particular was really good – but I couldn’t find their band name anywhere in the program.


And Carte Crepes was there, doing what they do best! Serving up some mean crepes :)

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 11.32.35 PM

And ohmygoodness, so many balloons on campus! Which is good for everyone, but me on the other hand…haha well, I actually have a phobia of balloons (I’m serious, I actually do! Don’t laugh! ). So my anxiety levels, through the roof!

Reptile Bus

This is no doubt, my absolute highlight of Open Day! I love the reptile bus!!! Check out this Olive Python I got to hold!

I shall name you, Frederick!

I felt like a little kid in a candy store! Holding that python made up for all the crazy that happened in the morning, so I was quite happy! :D

And of course – plenty of other things were happening around uni, but I didn’t get the time to check them out.

For example I missed the physics laser show, the other museums on campus, the college tours etc. Next time then!

And when the clock hit 4pm, everyone just disappeared! All the booths were empty, there was nothing on anymore, everyone was gone!

And when us humans leave, the seagulls take over south lawn

I don’t know whether it’s just me, or did it feel like less people attended this year’s open day? Hmm…maybe I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. The weather actually held up pretty okay! Parts of the day were really nice and sunny, but then there were heavy winds, light showers but hey – at least there wasn’t any heavy downpours!

Since all the academics and course advise people where present at open day, I took this opportunity to have a chat to people about postgrad! Which was super useful.

Plus, those jumper we got were nice! (Does anyone else ever wonder how we fund all these things? I mean, I keep getting the impression that we’re going through some serious budget cuts at uni and departments around uni are quite tight on budgets and stuff…) But hey – I’m not complaining! And of course, me being me, have already spilt tea all over the white sleeves. Derp.

Overall – a successful Open Day! Hats off to everyone that were involved in making this event happen! Let’s make Open Day 2014 an even better one!

Have a good day!!


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