Things to do during long breaks between classes


Whenever I’m sitting down to register into my classes, I always have this mini-debate with myself: Do I want to cram all my classes together so I get days off, or do I want to have a spread out timetable?

There are lots of pros and cons to this crammed vs spread-out timetable debate. Having days off are glorious (well…from what I hear anyways), but those days where you have classes from 8.30am straight till 6pm with only a 15 minute break would not be fun at all!

Sure you get classes done and out of the way, but I don’t know how you find time to enjoy the other aspects of uni instead of just rushing to one lecture to another. (Unless you come in on your day off…which is highly unlikely)

Personally, I’d prefer having a spread out timetable than a super crammed one (as annoying as the long breaks are).

And well…I never really get a choice anyways because my timetable is always super spread out!

I know you’re thinking, do I actually attend those monday and tuesday afternoon classes, and that 1 friday lecture? And the answer is yes (well…most of the time anyways).

Also, I guess I’m quite engaged with everything that’s happening at uni because I’m here everyday! I’ve got friends who are only in 2 days a week, and they tell me they feel like they don’t really go to uni.

I know I was grumpy when I first got my timetable for sem2 because of those annoying breaks. But I’ve eventually grown to love them because there are so many things you can do in that time!

So in today’s post, I will go through some things you can do to kill time in between long breaks!

Here we go!

Go to South Lawn


It’s my rule of thumb – if you’re bored or just want to have a study break, head to South Lawn. There’s bound to be a BBQ or something happening during lunch time!

North court on mondays and tuesdays


The entertainment is pretty good! And you can grab a sausage and booze while you check out the bands. Although most of the times I’m too lazy to line up and end up buying something in Union House.

Grab lunch on Lygon St

tortoise-meme-generator-om-nom-nom-nom-18ab6aIf you’re sick of the same-oh food on campus, Lygon st is only a 5 minute walk from uni! Plus, Brunetti lives there. YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO BRUNETTI!

Go to the gym


I’m not even kidding! I’ve started hitting the gym and going to group fitness classes during my massive 4-5 hour breaks this semester, and I have no idea why I didn’t do this earlier. The facilities are pretty good, although the classes are so overcrowded in the afternoon sessions (5pm+). There are even FREE lockers for you to store your bags and valuables away while you’re working out, plenty of shower cubicles etc.

Check out Melbourne University Sport here.

Head into the city


Sometimes I forget that I don’t have to stay in uni during my breaks. Head into the city, do some shopping, grab a coffee and cupcake on Degraves st (that cupcake store on degraves is my fav!), check out some attractions etc. There’s a 10001 things to do in the city!

Find a job on campus

ecard-crazy-to-work-here-we-train-you-funny-office-memeI LOVE working on campus. I am super grateful to the Student@Work program and to the 13 MELB crew for taking me in over the summer (I’m now working at AMSI – Australian Mathematical Science Institute which is on Monash road). It’s great to be employed by people who understand that you are a STUDENT and have classes to attend, study commitments etc. The supervisors I’ve had at uni have been so understanding and flexible with shifts and everything…this is so unheard of in other jobs!

So I schedule work around my classes, and it’s an awesome time filler between long breaks!

I’d highly recommend apply for jobs on campus! Or try finding a job near uni.



What is this ‘study’ thing you’re talking about!? Go to a library, and crack the books open and get some work done while you’re waiting for the next lecture.

BUT! If you have a massive break, I wouldn’t recommend studying for the entire break. Do take breaks, go for a stroll around campus, grab a coffee etc.

I actually jump from library to library once I finish studying a particular section. For example, if I’m working on lecture summaries, I would move to another library once I finished each summary. Each summary takes me about 2 hours to do? So it’s a perfect timing for a break and grab some fresh air! So, I guess it’s kinda like a pub-crawl, but with libraries…and without the booze (optional).

But sometimes that kind of studying doesn’t work for me, because there are some things that you just need to buckle down, sit, and study for a good 4+ hours in the same spot – like if I’m working on lab reports or essays.

Anyways, I just realised how long this blog post is – so I think I should wrap it up now!

I hope this gives you some ideas on what to do with your long break between classes. Go and make the most of your long gaps!


p.s. Anyone else struggling for Arts Ball costume ideas! BAH!

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