Wanted: Volunteers for MUHI VCE program

MUHI needs you!

Here’s another awesome volunteering opportunity for you lovely folks!

The Melbourne University Health Initiative (MUHI) is a non-for-profit body, and they run an annual program called Student Welfare Outreach Team (SWOT). SWOT is a VCE revision program for students coming from underrepresented schools across Victoria. (I would imagine that this program is very similar to VCESS).

And basically, they are looking for volunteers to help tutor VCE kids! 

Here are the subjects MUHI are offering to students this year:

Monday 30 September: English
Tuesday 1 October: Chemistry & Further Maths
Wednesday 2 October: Biology & Health and Human Development
Thursday 3 October: Maths Methods & Business Management
Friday 4 October: Physics & Psychology

You can only tutor one subject per day (unless you can somehow magically be in 2 places at the same time). And as tutors, you will be responsible for running the group tutorials (working on practice exam questions, answering questions).

Some details for you!


The program runs from Monday 30th September to 4th October (during our mid-sem break)

For more info about SWOT/MUHI, click here.

To meet the team behind SWOT this year, click here.

And most importantly, to apply to be a tutor, click here! 

Applications close on Friday 6th September, so get those apps in!!!*

*EDIT: Deadline has been extended to Sunday 22 September 11.59pm!


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