Last minute costume shopping for balls!


I LOVE a good costume-themed ball! Costume-events are so much easier to dress up, than those fancy balls like biomed and commerce. (I still haven’t found anything for biomed ball!)

Arts Ball is TONIGHT, and I don’t know about you – I haven’t had time to go shopping for bits and pieces of my costume! And I rarely hire costumes because I like to create and put together my own.

Ever since I’ve moved house, I don’t know where I can find all my costume things! (Elsternwick was a goldmine for costume shopping. Chelsea? Not so much).

So this morning, I was running around the city like a headless chook trying to find bits for my costume, and I actually found places nearby for quick costume items.

Just thought I’d quickly share some places that sell bits and pieces of costumes in the city if you ever need a last minute costume!

Reject Shop on Bourke St

IMG_2811Surprisingly, they don’t have that big of a range, but good for little bits and pieces like swords, hats, toys etc.

Arthur Daley’s Clearance Warehouse

This place I stumbled on by mistake! It’s on Swanston St, and it was a pretty good find! They have sets of costumes, and they also have tons of accessories!

You can find them on 37 Swanston St, so nearest to Flinders St. Their website is here.

Riot Art & Craft in QV


You can always go into this Arts and Crafts store to buy feathers, headpieces, boas, and if you have time – you can always buy the raw things and make costumes out of them!

Those are just 3 quick places to get costume items! I’m sure if you google it, there will be hundreds of other costumes places around the city.

Some easy last minute costumes ideas I can think of for Arts Ball (the theme is bookworm), is thing 1/2, where’s wally, witches (I’m think Roald Dahl), a fairy, spot the dog, 101 Dalmatians, James Bond (did the book come out first, or the movie? I don’t know!), puss in boots, specky maggie….and so on. Just google “quick book costumes” and you’ll be fine!

(Our tables have dibs Great Gatsby!!!)

Anyhoos, to those going to Arts Ball tonight, I shall see you there!!


p.s. Don’t forget to bring your TICKETS and your ID!

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