It’s the last day of student elections!

Congratulations on surviving election week! I’m sure you all have perfected your “leave me alone” face by now. To celebrate the end of election week, here are some GIFs that basically sums up this week.

Whenever I see campaigners ahead


When I realise that there’s no detour around them, so I have to keep walking towards them


What I imagine campaigners are like when they see people walking in their direction

7507When they try to hand me a flyer


When campaigners sneak up on yousurprise

What it must feel like to be a campaigner

“Hi, have you heard about our upcoming student elections?”

“Can I have a moment of your time to talk about our policies?”

tumblr_inline_msccw69VtU1qz4rgp“Excuse me, have you voted in our election?”


When campaigners don’t leave me alone…


What I feel like doing to aggressive campaigners


When they don’t get the message that you’re not interested

no offence

Wish I was able to jump across the south lawn moat to avoid campaigners

When they start talking to me, even when I have my headphones on
you see these

When campaigners from different parties start to fight over you


Me: “Sorry I’ve got to go to a lecture”
Campaigner: “Oh that’s okay, I’ll just walk with you”
My response…


Just when I think I’ve lost all the campaigners…another one comes out of no where

Me, at the end of student election week.


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