13 fun ways to recycle your UMSU election flyers

2013-09-06 22.42.47

I don’t know about you, but I am stuck with a MASSIVE pile of election flyers! They’re just everywhere. They’re in my bag, in my locker, slipped in between pages of my textbooks, in my diary, in my pockets…EVERYWHERE!

So I was just about to throw them out, when I saw that they wanted us to recycle them. 

And that set off a little light bulb in my head to put this post together on fun ways to to recycle your UMSU flyers (that is, if you still have them…which I highly doubt you still do).

I’ve also included youtube links if you are interested to know how to make them.

1. Basketball hoop

So much procrastination to be had!

2. A shirt



3. Water balloon

Oh remember these things where you used to throw at people’s head? Yes, fun times indeed.

4. Sail boat

DSC04412I wouldn’t mind having a little boat race down on south lawn moat?

5. Love heart


If the election parties handed out their flyers in the shape of a heart, they would have my vote!

6. Little stars



7. Chains


Do you remember making these when you were a kid! They were the best!

8. Spinning top



9. Card holder-thing

Here’s a practical use for those flyers! I have so many coffee loyalty cards for cafes around uni, so now I have a little holder for all of them.

(Technically, this origami is a cup. But it works as a card holder for me)

10. Decorative ornament


At first I was going to make this a spear tip, but then thought it was a bit too violent. So ‘decorative ornament’ it is!

11. Crane


Remember how ages ago someone filled the SMAC moat with little paper cranes? I would love to see the moat filled again with these bad boys.

12. A box


Good to store things in, or in my case – a place to put my nut shells or fruit seeds etc.

13. Ninja stars

DSC04427Personally, my favourite. But these things can actually cause some serious damage!

So yeah, those were 4 years of origami skills right there! I used to work at MSAC (Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre) running kid programs and such. So yes – I ran the kid birthday parties, and holidays programs…and origami was the best way to entertain everyone!

I know I’m missing the basic origami things like paper planes, jumping frog, a fan etc. But I ran out of flyers (the one and only time I wished I had more flyers…).

But yes, as you can tell…I am procrastinating! So I should probably finish my assignment now.



One thought on “13 fun ways to recycle your UMSU election flyers

  1. We will definitely consider little red hearts for next time. I wish I’d seen this when I found myself at home with 1000+ spare how-to-votes!!

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