Thanks for the birthday wishes!


Woohoo I am officially 20 years old! (Finally haha). I love it when people ask me how old I’m turning, and when I say 20, they freak out in disbelief that I’m still so young. So yes, I’m still a little youngling, but with big ambitions. I just wanted to send a quick thank you for the all the birthday text messages, emails, calls etc. Really appreciate it!

And yes, I’ve had a good birthday! Went out to see Cat Empire on the weekend which was awesome! Had a mini surprise party which was…a SURPRISE! And even though I spent my day at work, sorting through one spreadsheet after the other, my boss was super lovely and bought a cake for me! And I’ll also be celebrating my birthday at science ball tomorrow with friends which will be super great!

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Cat Empire!

It’s crazy how far and how fast everything has gone. It felt like yesterday when I was just another silly kid causing chaos at the playgrounds. Oh wait…I think I still am that person haha.

Nothing much has changed.

Anyways, thank you to those who helped me celebrate my birthday!


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