What is Prosh Week?

It’s that time of year again…PROSH!

This year, Prosh will fall on Week 9, 22-26 September. Prosh Week is the craziest and wildest week on campus – and you’ll definitely want to be at uni to watch the frivolities unfold.

Prosh is a long time tradition. Teams compete for points by completing certain tasks off a list. There are 2 types of teams: big teams and small teams. Each team has their own theme (e.g. Psi-ence were Romans in 2013), and they have to construct something (e.g. Eng Donkeys had to create a Jack in the Box last year).

So what exactly is Prosh? I think the best way to explain to you, is for you to see it yourself. Here are some videos that other Prosh teams in the past have created.


This is Prosh

It’s a week full of lecture stunts.

A week full of costumes,




and Stupidity.

Basically, it’s just a week of crazy shenanigans

If you’d like to join teams, you can find some of them on facebook:

Big teams

Small teams

Again, you definitely want to be on campus during Prosh and go to your lectures because you’ll never know what proshers will get up to.

You can join Prosh Week on facebook here.

– Daph

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