Unimelb Instagram Takeover


As you may know, I had the absolute privilege of collaborating with the university’s Marketing Department to help out with their Instagram page the other day! The whole idea behind this “Instagram Takeover” is to give people insight into what a typical day at unimelb is like. So lucky me, I was the first one to be part of the takeover! Yay!

However, I didn’t manage to get all my pics on the account (I was also battling a really slow phone, working against our ever reliable uniwireless to send pics to the social media intern to upload on Insty etc.) – so here’s the FULL account of the happening of that day. This post includes uncut pictures of science ball that wouldn’t have been totally appropriate for the unimelb Instagram page.

The morning rush at the Melbourne Central tram stop to get to 9am lectures

2013-09-18 08.54.27

After unsuccessful attempts to get on a tram, I’m finally here!2013-09-18 09.10.09

Heading down Monash Rd toward Union House

2013-09-18 09.13.42

Ooh, I spy leaves on trees!2013-09-18 09.16.58

Quick pit-stop to my locker in Union House to put my bags away

2013-09-18 09.21.42

Getting my morning chai on at Standing Room. Yumm!

2013-09-18 09.39.13

First class for the day: a 3 hour prac for Comparative Animal Physiology in the Zoology Building2013-09-18 09.43.07

 Halfways through my 3hr prac class now! Today we’re looking at heart function in animals and my cane toad heart is still beating even though it’s outside it’s body! Madness.
2013-09-18 11.12.13

Prac is nearly over. Can definitely use a caffeine hit after this!

2013-09-18 12.40.53

Time to grab some lunch! Thanks for the yummy tacos Zambrero.
2013-09-18 13.21.12

Hungry students dining at Union House
2013-09-18 13.14.06

Having lunch with my friends, Adeshola, Ali and Emily, up on the second floor of Union House. Great place to escape the crowds on the ground floor, plus more seating and microwaves up here! 2013-09-18 13.49.06

Time to run some errands around campus. Taking a shortcut through Old Arts to Biomed Library.2013-09-18 14.02.42

Just passing by a little water feature outside Baillieu Library. This was built with the money donate by the university’s floral group back in 1973. 2013-09-18 14.08.11

Great to see so many people riding into Uni. The bike racks outside the Baillieu are always full without fail!2013-09-18 14.09.39

Oh hello there.2013-09-18 14.10.31

Arrived at Biomed Library! Let’s return some books!

2013-09-18 14.25.06

Alright, now to find my friend, Ben, who is somewhere in here.

2013-09-18 14.12.51

Exiting out of Biomed library, here’s an interesting looking sculpture on campus.
2013-09-18 14.27.48

Taking a slight detour back to Zoology Building to hand in assignment. (System Garden)
2013-09-18 15.09.43

Ah, since I’m here…might as well make a cup of tea at the MSLE kitchen.

2013-09-18 14.46.04

Next class is starting soon. Better grab my laptop from my locker in Union House!

2013-09-18 09.18.34Lecture for Comparative Animal Phys is just starting in the Physics Building.

2013-09-18 15.18.33

Lecture is done! Check out this cool pond hidden under the Physics Building ramp.2013-09-18 16.08.16

Ooh, it’s starting to drizzle! Better hide under Castro’s outdoor umbrellas until it stops.
2013-09-18 16.16.42

Wow, the construction of the architecture building is coming along!
2013-09-18 16.18.04

Treating myself to one of the best hot chocolates on campus to celebrate finishing an assignment and a long day.

2013-09-18 16.40.26

Old quad looking every one bit of Hogwarts

2013-09-18 17.05.54

South Lawn looking mighty green!

2013-09-18 17.04.30

That’s a wrap for my day at Uni, but the fun continues tonight at Science Ball!
2013-09-18 17.17.53

Yep, it’s been raining alright. Time to jump some puddles at the Swanston St tram stop.2013-09-18 17.21.41

In you go people!
2013-09-18 17.23.21

Getting ready for Science Ball2013-09-18 19.05.29

Lining up outside Etihad Stadium2013-09-18 19.43.56

Getting my ticket and ID ready

2013-09-20 01.05.46Yep, ocean theme indeed

2013-09-20 01.10.43

Food! Give it to me.

2013-09-20 01.16.07Some of the lovely people of my table

2013-09-19 10.23.23

These pirates even brought their own boat! Props to them.

2013-09-18 21.57.10

Time to hit the d-floor

2013-09-20 01.08.14

The aftermath of science ball. We’re sorry Etihad!2013-09-18 23.39.11-1

It’s time to head home (no after party for me, MST next morning). But I don’t think someone’s night ended up too well…2013-09-20 01.09.17

So that’s was my day!

And you know what! I had so much fun with this Instagram Takeover, that I’ve decided to launch my very own Instagram account! Since I’m on campus 24/7, and I already take so many pictures around the university, the Instagram thing would be a great way to share with everyone what I’m up to around campus. And I’m sure all my other non-unimelb friends will be glad that I’m finally not bombarding them with pictures on my personal Instagram page.

So, if you’re on Instagram, why not follow me on @unimelbadventures. You can check it out here too: http://instagram.com/unimelbadventures

Hope you are all well :)


p.s. Here’s a shout out to a fellow reader, Vanessa, who I bumped into at Science Ball! Hello! And, to the guy who rocked speedos to Science Ball, you’ve got guts of steel!

2 thoughts on “Unimelb Instagram Takeover

  1. Hey Daphane! It was so nice to finally meet you at the Science ball! Thanks for all the helpful tips and advice you give on your blog! Keep up the good work :)


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