2013 University Balls: A wrap up

So, I’m just a bit sad that ball season is over (well..for me anyways!). The uni balls are probably one of the highlights of semester 2. But if you missed out on going to one this year, there are actually still a couple little clubs running their own balls! In this post, I’ll be reviewing the balls that I attended this year.

This year I was a bit keen and went to Arts, Science and Biomed Ball. Arts and Science costs around $80+, and the fancy ones – commerce and biomed are rather pricey, $100+. But of course, you have the smaller balls as well which I assume cost lesser? (I haven’t been to a small ball yet).

It’s funny because a common question I get from people is whether I get to go to uni balls for free. And this is my response every time :


Silly people. Of course I pay for it! Just because I run a blog doesn’t mean I should get special treatment. So yes, I am poor now. But it was worth it!

Balls tend to sell out. And it requires a bit of organisation to get your table together. You need to plan the people who are going to sit on your table, get the full names down, dietary requirements, get full cash payments from everyone, then someone has to line up.

You have the costume-themed balls, and the ones that require you to formally dress up. I personally prefer the costume balls. They’re just so much fun, more relaxed atmosphere, and gives you the licence to be super creative with your costume. The venues for the balls that I went to this year were easily accessible by public transport. Your ticket covers for your food, drinks for the whole night, and entry to the after the party.

No cloak room, but it’s a pretty secure place to stash your bags under the tables etc. Never had a problem with people stealing or anything like that before.

I do highly recommend going to at least one ball! It’s quite the experience, and there are plenty of stories to tell. “Remember that time, at science ball?” Yep, lots of those conversations.

So here’s a comparison between the 3 balls that I attended.

Arts Ball

Find Daphane. Hint: somewhere to your left.
Photo by Mr Gregarious

5 September, 7.30-midnight

Bookworm theme
Eithad Stadium, Victory Room
Music – DJ
After party @ La Di Dah
$80 for members, $85 for non-members

Arts Ball was awesome! It was a really good theme too! Heaps of people dressed up as the standard Where’s Wally, Dr Seuss, Alice in Wonderland, Disney characters, Great Gatsby (yes, I was one of the thousands of other people dressed up in a flapper costume) etc. The decorations of the venue were cute! Plenty of books around, and photocopied pages out of books as placemats.

M-ASS does one thing different than the Science and Biomed – they present awards for best dressed etc. They also had a photobooth which was AWESOME! We even got the pictures instantly printed out. So so good.

The music was fair – could have been better. Cost wise for a uni ball – pretty good!

Arts Ball wins at: Costume, atmosphere, photobooth, cost

Photos via Sheng’s Photography (Sheng is the man):

Science ball

haha, just noticed my friend photobombed the pic

18 September, 7.30-midnight

Ocean themed
Etihad Stadium, Victory room
A live band, and DJ in between the band’s sets
After party @ Colonial Hotel
$89 for members and $94 for non-members.

Fun times indeed! Found the theme hard – I had to really sit down and think of a creative costume. I ended up recycling another costume, and safety pinned the characters from Finding Nemo.

2013-09-18 19.05.29
My last minute costume!

The decorations for the venue were well done! Food was alright, similar to Arts’ (because it’s the same venue). The music was AWESOME! Science ball is unique because they have a live band! I really enjoyed their music, and the DJ was good too! It catered to a larger variety of music tastes instead of the straight electronic stuff. The band played classic songs from Nirvana, Bon Jovi…umm, I can’t remember any of the others. But you know – songs that a lot of people (should) know!

Plus – something new this year. They’ve decided to run a photobooth as well! No instant pics, it was just a backdrop and a camera was set up. But still good!

Prices seem to have gone up slightly for Science ball. I don’t remember paying that much when I went last year. But again – worth it! Didn’t venture down to the after party – had a mid semester test the next morning.

And someone had a bit too much fun, and their night didn’t end too well…

2013-09-19 00.20.41
Not sure what happened!

Science Ball wins at: Music (100x), people, atmosphere

Photos via Sheng’s Photography:

Biomed Ball

Photo by Hayley Costa

25 September, 7pm-midnight

No costume. Fancy-pants ball 
Venue: Peninsula at Docklands
Music: DJ
After party @ Eve
Early bird – $100 Members, $110 Non Members.
After early bird – $110 Members, $120 Non Members

I decided to try out Biomed Ball’s fancy ball this year since everyone raved on about how fancy it was!

Can I just say that OHMYGOODNESS, the venue was amazing! On the outside it looks like a shed, but inside looked amazing! And the food was amazing. Plus, they didn’t serve cheap wines and champagne, it was actually good stuff! However, bar service was so so slow.

And they even had some pre-entertainment! Which was crazy.

What even. Photo by Max Kruse

Wasn’t too happy that they stuffed up my seating, and I wasn’t allocated to a table. But hey – it happens! And it was no biggie because I ended up sitting with my friends anyways. We were really squished on the tables with no elbow room for food.

Atmosphere and vibe was different to Arts and Science. I don’t really know how to describe it! See the pics below (Biomed to the left, Science to the right)

I would say that Arts and Science were…livelier? The music could have been heaps better, sound system there wasn’t crash hot either. My rule of thumb – if you are able to have a proper conversation in the middle of the dancefloor, something is not right.

But hey – it was still a good night! But I wouldn’t go back next year because it’s so expensive. One fancy ball is enough for me! Will have to venture to Snow Ball next year though! Heard LOTS of good things about that ball!

Biomed ball wins at: Amazing venue and food

Photos vis Max Kruse and Hayley Costa

So yeah, that’s the end to my 2013 Uni Ball season. If you haven’t been to a ball before, do consider going! It’s lots of fun :)


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