bad week

This post is part 1 of 3

Oh uni – what are you doing to me? It’s THAT time of semester…here is Daphane-land at the moment.

No no, I’m not stressed at all

Sure, I get enough sleep every night

h6E7996D7 copyLecturers doesn’t throw us in the deep end


No no, I don’t rely on copious amounts of coffee to get me through the day


Oh yeah, lectures make so much sense!


I love answering questions in class!

6910I don’t want to drop out of uni


No, I’m totally not overwhelmed over how much work I have to do


Subjects are so well coordinated

stressedAll my lectures are so interesting and relevant!


Lecturer: “You should already know this”
Yeah! I totally remember learning all this in an imaginary past life!


Thank you for the clear instructions! Soooo helpful :)


Of course I have time to do all the readings

didnt-read-lol-gif-5I feel like I’m going somewhere in life


No, I’m not an emotional wreck


Studying is GREAT! What are you talking about? *nervously laughs*

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of this post. Don’t despair, there will be tips in the later posts!

(For the record – I am OK. Well…somewhat OK.)

4 thoughts on “Uni, STAHP.

  1. Oh my god. This sums up everything I have been feeling past few weeks. Sometimes I feel like screaming my sanity off while studying. It’s so overwhelming!!!
    I’ve been fueling myself on food…for late night study sessions since I’m caffeine sensitive. And nope, I refuse to step on the scale any time soon.

    I want the exams to be over already so that I can head back to my country. I’m kinda, sorta pretty much tired and worn out.

    by the way, such a great blog you have here!! i secretly stalk your blog and your collaboration with unimelb instagram. kekeke.

    best of luck for your exams!


    1. Oh I know feeling Rosie! And I think a lot of people are in the same boat too. It’s been a very demanding and hard semester. It’s left me so physically, mentally and emotionally drained.

      Can’t wait for exams to be over too! I definitely need a holiday and get away from uni for a while.

      I think that sometimes we lose perspective on things. I know that I get so caught up with uni sometimes that I just forget that uni isn’t the be-all and end-all of life.

      And thank you! I’m glad that you like the blog. Yeah the Instagram collaboration was great fun! After getting a taste of the Instagram world, I now run my own Unimelb Adventures Instagram account.

      Haha, stalk away! Sometimes people know more about me, than I do! Plus, you should hear about all the crazies I get ;)

      Thank you for the comment and good luck with your exams too! Hang in there!


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