Things I’ve learned this semester



I, for one, am so glad this semester is over. Semester 2 has left me a bit like this:


This has been my most challenging semester so far. I can’t wait to get exams out of the way and get away from academia for a bit. My to-do list for the holidays just keeps growing!

I want to catch up with my long lost friends who I haven’t seen in forever, I want to do things that I want to do for a change, and I just want to be on a beach and lapping up the sunshine.

Today’s blog post is inspired by a facebook group I’ve recently discovered (What University Actually Taught Me) and a facebook post by the University page.

Screen Shot 2013-10-24 at 9.48.59 PM

Here we go! Here are the things I’ve learn this semester.

I learned how to do 14 hour uni days on 3 hour sleep

tumblr_msv9ymeHJ51s0msbvo1_400Exhaustion is an understatement

Enrolling into Applied Animal Physiology was one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made

anxiety10 out of 10 would not recommend. This may actually be the first subject I can potentially fail, and that terrifies me. Seriously – don’t do this subject unless you have to. Subject review to be published here soon when I get around finishing the essay I’m preparing for the SES.

Mature aged students are awesome


Context: We were doing a stupid prac which made no sense, mature aged student stepped up and had a go at the demonstrator. Lady – everyone in that class thanks you! You have guts, and I would have never done that. It was a moment I’ll never forget :)

There is no escape from maths

homer rolls back inI guess this mainly applies to science kids. Maths has been a major component for me this semester, and this is only the beginning! Comparative Animal Phys has been awesome in terms of teaching you how to do stats and all that. But I regret not paying attention in high school maths methods/first year stats classes.

I pay a lot to go to uni and listen to lecturers read off the screen word by word

eyerollWhy is this still happening…

Group assignments are actually the worst


Important teamwork skills to be learned. But ohmygod – some people *facepalm*

Lecturers are very persistent

Even after repeating many times that you don’t know the answer to their question, the lecturer will continue to ask you the same question.

tumblr_m5jjwsRyBK1ro2d43Seriously – I have no clue what the answer is. Leave me alone.

This semester taught me to never hand assignments in early


Context: I handed in an assignment couple days early (I know, I know – so unheard of). So I put it in the assignment hand-in lockers, and guess what – I found it sitting on the trolley outside the locker, unmarked and not collected couple of days past the due date. They thought my paper was the previous assignment we had done, and they moved it to the ‘to be collected’ pile. *facepalm*

Yep – never doing that again. Going to hand it in ON the day it’s due from now on.

Most importantly – I learned that it’s okay to make mistakes

38321Nobody’s perfect! I’ve basically stuffed up this semester and I know that it’s my fault. I’ve missed lots of lectures, I’ve left it all to the last minute, still have weeks of work to do etc. I lost focus and studying didn’t become a priority.

But now I’m slowly getting back on track! Trying to get back into habit of studying, sticking to routines, and I’m (hopefully) going to make up for my slackness in the exams!


Hope that you’ve had a better semester than me! Good luck with SWOTVAC and exams!


p.s. I’m looking to buy 2 Arts MAX tickets! Please, please – let me know if you’ve had a change of heart and decide not to go, or if you know someone who is selling!


4 thoughts on “Things I’ve learned this semester

  1. Oh man, Applied is THE WORST. Fingers crossed that the exam is decent, otherwise I may just fail it as well. The grading schemes for the assignments just don’t make sense!

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