Studying for the exam

I’m just going to let the GIFs do the talking.

“How’s the studying going?”

Expectation of swotvac



Guess I was a bit over-ambitious?


This lecture content makes no sense


*trying to do practice exam papers*


Hello, brain? You still there?

Jon-Stewart-mind-blownNope, this still makes no sense

tumblr_inline_mmlt4jUtbP1qz4rgpBut when I finally understand it


Friends: “You’ll be FINE!”


I still have a lot to cover before the exam
tumblr_inline_mm6g2zDn9l1qz4rgpHow I feel after studying

35117You know what I need?

tumblr_inline_mmruh82Bxo1qz4rgpWhen you’ve been studying inside for too long


Feeling trapped, trapped I tell you!

tumblr_m70wgd3QWm1rpblwaConversations about exams are stressing me out


I just want exams to be over. I want my life back, and I want my friends back.


I think everyone is getting to that point where motivation is pretty low, we’re exhausted, sick of studying, and in desperate need of a holiday. Hang in there, you’re nearly there!

I start my exams next week (Monday – comparative animal physiology, Tuesday – applied animal physiology and Thursday – Ecology). Then I’ll be freeeeeeee!

You find me sitting on South Lawn at 3pm thursday, with my free crepe in one hand, and a cider in another.

Some quick tips to those who are still studying for exams…

Eat well – step away from the junk food

h3A1B9DE6Don’t forget you need to sleep – your brain will thank you

anigif_enhanced-buzz-14520-1382033662-30Take study breaks – you’re not a machine

tumblr_mq5byxKbm31qc56bgo1_500And GOOD LUCK!


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