New lecture theatre names

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Yes it’s true! The university will be changing the names of three lecture theatres as of Monday 6 Jan 2014.

  • Copland Theatre in Arts West Building will become Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theatre
  • Basement Theatre in The Spot Building will become Copland Theatre
  • Level Five Theatre in Doug McDonell Building will become Steve Howard Theatre

Why change the lecture theatre names?

They’re changing the names of the lecturer theatres to honour ‘former academic staff who gave distinguished service to the University’.

They will be updating all the maps, entrance signage, timetable systems a bit before 6 Jan 2014. And the big campus map boards will be progressively updated by 10 Jan 2014. (I hope Lost on Campus will be updated too?)

And because I was curious, I did some digging and found out a bit about people whom the theatres are named after.

The people behind these lecture theatre names

Kathleen Fitzpatrick (1905-1990)


Kathleen Fitzpatrick Theatre, replacing Copland Theatre in Arts West

Excerpt from The School of Historical and Philosophical Studies website

Kathleen Pitt was educated at Presentation Convent and Lauriston Girls School, then Melbourne University and Oxford. At Melbourne University 1937-1963, she was sequentially Tutor in English, Senior Lecturer in History 1942, then Associate professor from 1948. She was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws 1983.

There’s even a BA prized named after her: Kathleen Fitzpatrick Exhibition for Combined Honours in English and History

Sir Douglas Berry Copland (1894 – 1971)


Copland theatre that is currently in Arts West, replacing the Basement Theatre

Excerpt from the unimelb archives

In 1924 he was appointed foundation Professor of Economics at The University of Melbourne. He was appointed to the Sydney Myer Chair of Commerce in 1926, became Acting Vice Chancellor in 1936, and had chairmanship of the Union Board in 1938.

Steve Howard (1961-2013)


The Steve Howard Theatre will be replacing Level Five Theatre in Doug McDonnell

An excerpt from The Melbourne Engineer

Steve commenced in the Department of Information Systems in 2000, and over the next decade his leadership transformed the department’s research agenda. Steve established the Interaction Design Laboratory, he served as Head of the Department of Information Systems from 2007-2010, and he was the inaugural Director of the Melbourne School of Information in 2012.

Good luck remembering those name changes next year!

For more information:


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