Wanted: 2014 O’week student hosts

Image: UMSU

Help a jaffy out, volunteer to be an o’week host! 

What do O’week hosts do?

You will be paired up with a group of new students who are studying the same course as you (arts, science, enviro etc.), and you’re basically introducing and welcoming them to the university.

The o’week host program give newbies the opportunity to meet new people in their degree, show them parts of the campus, making them feel like home etc.

So as a host, you will be running ice-breaker games, bringing them on a tour around campus, and just making them feel as welcome as possible.

When are hosts needed?

O’week will be running from 25-28 February 2014, and the host program is on Tuesday 25 Feb. You will be needed from 8.30am-3pm.

Where can I sign up?

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 11.00.36 am

If you are interested to become an o’week host, you can register here. I am assuming that applications close on 29 Nov 2013, as stated on Careers Online.

I won’t be volunteering as a host this time, but I will definitely be around during o’week doing other things…things that I have not decided yet (Happy to help anyone out during the week if they need a hand!). I will most likely be live tweeting, snapping up pics for Instagram, mingling, picking up stray jaffies and making sure they are ok etc.

Anyways, if you’re interested to be an o’week host, sign up!


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