Job: Professional Library Cadetship

MEME9Attention all you book lovers – there’s a job opening with the University Library for a Professional Library Cadet!

Here’s the position description – originally posted here:


The University Library has a vacancy for a Professional Library Cadet to work full-time for two years, finishing in February 2016.

To be eligible you should be an undergraduate student or recent graduate whose study program includes a combination of some of the following:

  • informatics and information technology;
  • information and archival science;
  • information management;
  • media and communications;
  • curation and conservation.

The Cadetship program offers you diverse and stimulating experience working in placements and rotations with various Library teams. You will also have opportunities to develop broader skills, knowledge and leadership experience, according to your individual interests and the Library’s strategic priorities.

In addition, you will be expected to undertake part-time study in a postgraduate library and information course. Preference will be given to applicants with a relevant undergraduate degree which includes discipline outlined above, although applicants with degrees in other disciplines may also apply.

Applications close 9 January 2014.

Details at


Quick – someone finish my degree for me so I can apply for this role! Get on it people.



2 thoughts on “Job: Professional Library Cadetship

  1. Hi! Is this job no longer available? :( I’m an incoming student. I would have applied but I can’t do that before the 17th.

    1. Unfortunately the closing date for applications has past, so it looks like the job is no longer available :(

      Keep an eye on Careers Online, they have advertised library assistant positions in the past.

      Good luck!

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