Volunteers wanted for Destination Melbourne


UMSU is looking for volunteer hosts to join our awesome Destination Melbourne program!

What is Destination Melbourne?

Destination Melbourne, or DM for short, is a three-day residential program aimed at incoming first-year undergraduate students from rural/regional areas, long commutes, first in family to go to University, and students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The program introduces new students to life at Melbourne Uni, services on and around campus for students, and have the opportunity to make new friend with other participants and the awesome hosts.

What will you get out of it?

This is an opportunity for you to expand your leadership skills, meet new people, and start the year with a positive contribution.

We are looking for two types of hosts: Day hosts, and residential hosts. All applicants will be required to attend a brief interview, and attend training prior to the programme. You can download the position descriptions below.

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I highly recommend applying

I cannot rave on about how Destination Melbourne helped me with my transition to uni – and thanks to UMSU for saving the program, we can continue to help more students make their transition as great as ours’. If you are interested in applying for a host position, the link to the registration form can be found below.


Destination Melbourne details

Program dates: 27 – 29 January, 2014

Volunteer registration form: http://ow.ly/siwxa 

Registrations close on: 11 January 5pm

Questions? Email Patrick Clearwater (p.clearwater@union.unimelb.edu.au) [/plain]


6 thoughts on “Volunteers wanted for Destination Melbourne

  1. Hi, Daphane! I’m a high school student from Norway, and I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE and appreciate your blog! Most Unimelb blogs that I’ve found have long texts with no pictures or something to make them lively and fun to read, but this blog has given me A LOT of information in a fun and easy way (especially the GIFS, they crack me up!).

    I was wondering if people who start their first semester in July get the same summer-vacation as those who begin in February? I want to study at Unimelb right after high-school (July 2015), but I’m not sure whether I should start in July or wait until February.

    Again, thank you for this amazing blog!

    1. Hi Valen! Aww shucks, thank you for the compliment. Too kind!

      The answer to your question is – yes, the breaks are the same regardless whether you start uni in Feb or July.

      If you want my personal opinion whether you should start mid-year or start of the year, I would start in Feb. Don’t get me wrong – it’s perfectly okay to start in July, you’ll be giving yourself a heads start at uni. But after talking to a couple of people who started mid-year, they found it difficult with their study plan structure because most subjects that lead to your major have prerequisites in the first semester. So if you haven’t done those subjects, you can’t do them in second semester. (If that makes sense?). And this tends to make subject selections a bit difficult.

      Plus – there is more start of year shenanigans. The o’week festivals are much larger, the o’week camps are on…generally just nicer way to start uni.

      If you want to have a chat about this further (because I can imagine it’s a big decision to make), send me a facebook message or email me at dhng@student.unimelb.edu.au.


  2. Thanks for the answer. I’ve honestly wanted to start In Feb instead of July because I’m exhausted and need a break from school, but I’m scared of been looked down on and judged by my family. A lot of my people (read: parents) in my culture are EXTREMELY competitive, which I hate and don’t want to be a part of. Parents tend to care too much about what other parents think about their children, and don’t seem to understand how much pressure it is for children to act “perfect” whenever they visit other families. For example my brother works instead of going to school, but my mother lies to other people telling them that he goes to school because she doesn’t want to be looked down on. Sorry if this is TMI :) Another thing that scares me is the fact that the chances of not getting in are still there, even though my grades are way above the ones that are required for me to get in. Well, all in all it’s my decision and I’m the one who has to deal with the consequences of my decisions. I think it’s a good idea to take a break for 1/2 a year instead of an entire year. Plus I can work and save money so that the move can be easier.

    Is it easy to make friends at uni? I’m an introvert with bad social skills, and I’m scared of being the odd man out at uni. My teacher told me not to worry about it (she was also the odd man out in middle- and high school, like me) because students will always find someone similar to them at uni as there are a lot of different characters compared to high school (we are only 25 in our class, so you either fit in or you don’t).

    1. Oh I totally understand. It must be tough to be in that situation! Well, did you know that there are more spots available for the Feb intake than July? And I whole heartedly agree with you – it’s your decision and you need to do what’s best for you. I’m writing up a couple of blog posts about transitioning from high school to uni soon, I think you may be interested in them!

      Yes – take a break! Sounds like you need it. I’m finishing my degree mid year 2015, and I will be taking a break for the rest of that year before starting my postgrad in 2016 because I’m exhausted too!

      I was an introvert coming into uni, and I knew no one at Melbourne Uni. But I forced myself to go to the uni camps, and you will meet people in similar situations too! And yes – your teacher is correct! There are heaps more people at uni, and you are bound to meet someone who shares similar interests to you. Plus, there are so many clubs and societies on campus – so you can join up and meet new people.

      Good thing about starting in Feb is that, there will be more new students joining the uni – so everyone will be in the same situation as you! There are fewer new students mid year.

      If you’re joining us as an international student, you should attend the Melbourne Welcome program! Great way to meet new students.

      Happy to show you around the campus whenever you get here :)

  3. This is a stupid question, but does unimelb “save spots” for students. For example if a student applies for the semester that starts in July and gets in, but decides that they want to start in February instead. Do they have to apply again?

    1. You will need to double check with VTAC with that, I’m not 100% about deferring mid year offers. So ‘deferring’ is where you basically postpone the start date of your course.

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