Crash course to Uni

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 3.04.55 pmAs part of the student union’s VCESS program – I delivered a ‘Crash course to Uni’ workshop, introducing high school students to what university is all about.

From experience, I never really got the exposure to learn what university is like when I was in VCE. I didn’t know what to expect at uni, who to ask for help, and I didn’t understand how this uni thing worked.

So when VCESS were looking for people to run workshops, I thought – yeah, these kids can really get something out of this. Let’s do this – Crash course to Uni, done.

In this workshop, I shared my experience transitioning from high school to uni, gave them an idea of what life at university is like, offered some tips and advice, and answered any of their burning questions about uni.

2014-01-09 10.56.49
Here are some the VCESS kids that were in my first workshop

Since the first round VTAC offers will be coming out soon, I thought it’d be good to re-work the presentation into some blog posts and share them with everyone here.

They will be published soon, and I’ll add the links here too.

Hope these posts will shed some light to you newbies, as to what university is all about.


4 thoughts on “Crash course to Uni

  1. I think the schools should start informing students better. We never know what to expect or how the school system works. The counselors aren’t much help either. I’m definitely looking forward to reading these posts.

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