Week 1: Fun and Games

IMG_6357Oh Uni, how I’ve missed you so. How’s everyone doing? Hope you survived week one just fine!

This semester I will be writing up week-by-week reflections on how the week went on my side of town.

Here we go:

Week one on campus

It was nice to see the campus buzzing with life after 3 or so months of quiet times. However, there comes a point where you really want to push and bulldoze everyone out of the way, especially in Union House.


And of course, the queues at The Co-op were huge. Seriously, just pay online on the website, opt for the ‘click and collect’, and you get to skip the queue and collect your books from the counter.


BBQs were also plentiful around campus.


Plus, VCA’s Double Standards performed at the Union’s Tuesday BBQ – and they were great!

It’s nice to have some structure and routine back in life, and it’s great to catch up with friends again! It’s so much easier to organise coffee and lunch catch ups now that everyone’s back at Uni.

First week as a Third Year student

Two first year students sat on my table on Monday morning, and they asked: “Are you a first year?”

I laughed, and I replied, “No…I’m actually in third year.”

And then it hit me…this is really happening – I am officially a third year student.


How did I get here? Is this real life? Are you sure I’m a third year? But…I don’t feel like a third year student.

It’s scary how fast time is flying by. I was a first year not long ago, and now it’s my final year as an undergrad? Say it ain’t so. I’m not ready to finish undergrad. Things have only just started here!

And being a third year now, I have been asked this question one too many times this week: “What are you going to do after your undergrad?”

Every time someone asks me that question, a little piece of me dies.

I respond back with my standard answer: “Oh, I think I might do a Master of Science or a Master of Media and Comms…”

But really, my brain is screaming: “I have no idea what I am going to!”

This is what I have planned so far:

1. Graduate mid next year (2015)

2. Take the rest of that year off – go travelling, disappear off the radar

3. Return back to study in 2016

Then…I don’t know. I have no clue what I’m going to do in postgrad. What options do I have? What course should I take if I want a career in science comms? What kinda marks do I need?

All of this, remind me of my Year 12 days when I had to decide what I wanted to do beyond high school and what I wanted to study at Uni…

I think I just need to sit down and actually read all of those Graduate study books.

How are my third year classes?

I love them. I really do. I love them much more than first and second year combined. (But ask me again when the semester ends, my answer may be different.)

This semester I’m taking:

  • ZOOL30004 Evolution and the Human Condition
  • ZOOL30006 Animal Behaviour
  • ZOOL30007 Experimental Animal Behaviour

And I’m also finishing off my summer subject, ZOOL30008 Experimental Marine Biology.

Check out my lovely timetable. It’s so pretty.

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 11.21.36 pm 3

Why I’m enjoying third year more than other years

1. The lecturers

I’ve found that the lecturers are much more engaging in class, and generally they’re more interesting than the lectures I’ve had in previous years. I think that it’s because they are teaching about the areas that they are genuinely interested in – and it shows!

2. The lecture content

We’ve all done the boring pre-reqs in first and second year, and we’re finally doing the subject we’re actually interested in! The wait was worth it.

3. The people in my classes

For starters, class sizes are much smaller in third year and you see many familiar faces in the lecture theatres. And the people are great in my classes because they actually contribute to the discussion in the lecture. It’s great to bounce ideas off each other in lectures.

4. The assessments

Yes, really. One thing I was really surprised with (a good kind of surprise), was the assessments in my subjects. They weren’t the standard boring essays and mid semester tests…the assessments involved us writing up news articles for Nature and The Conversation (hypothetically of course). And the reason why I am really happy with the assessments is because I can ACTUALLY use the skills and knowledge gained from these assignments, and apply it in real life.

Other third year observations

1. People are picking up their game

I guess third year is crunch-time for many students. People are starting to think about their GPA scores, their postgrad applications etc. And third year is the time to redeem ourselves from those not-so-great scores in first and second year.

2. Assessments are due early in the semester

There are more deadlines to keep track off this year, and all my assignments are due in April, which really isn’t far away! Help!

Hmm…what else happened this week?


I also started my new job this week!

To finish up this post, here are some things I’ve learned from week one:

  1. The Chemical Engineering Theatre have the stupidest seats.
  2. The sausages at the Union’s Tuesday BBQ taste really weird.
  3. I need to be a MSD/Environments student because they get lockers for $20, whereas I paid $95 at Union House. Ripped. Off.
  4. UniWireless will never work when you need it most.
  5. This week may be the only time I can say that I’ve been to every lecture this semester. (We’ll see about this next week…)

[plain]Week one: The Stats[/plain]

Money spent on coffee: $24

Stress: 2/10

Fun times: 9/10

Number of classes missed: 0

Enjoy week two! If you’re heading to the Start of Uni party, I am shamefully going – see you there.


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