Week 2: Exhausted, overwhelmed and sick

Week 1 was fun and games, but Week 2 was time to snap back into this ‘study’ thing.

The number of people attending lectures declined rapidly in Week 2. And I don’t know how it happened, but I’m already behind in lectures and such. The lecture content has stepped up in complexity, and now I’m under the pump to start writing up lecture summaries, do the readings etc.

Week 2 nearly broke me.

I was so overwhelmed with everything Uni was throwing at me and I just couldn’t keep up with it all. Plus – watch out for that stupid weird cold/sniffle thing that is going around. I caught it last week, and was pretty sick for a bit. But I’m all good now!

Also – I withdrew from one of my subjects. There’s a bit of a backstory behind this decision but mainly it was because I couldn’t commit to the hours. There is a fair bit of commitment to this subject, and I just don’t think I will be able to fit it in with my schedule. This subject is structured differently to your typical Uni subject.

Basically – you pick a project to work on, and you run your experiments and stuff, then you write up a report and make an oral presentation. There is no formal class time (except for a 3 hour prac on a day, but that is rarely on), and you do the project in your own time. Some projects involved you travelling offsite (there was an experiment where you had to travel all the way to Lara), and even though I was fortunate enough not to get that project, I just don’t think I can fit the fieldwork component my Uni timetable.

I was pretty sad to withdraw from Experimental Animal Behaviour because I was really looking forward to it, but realistically – I just can’t do a subject like this at the moment, I’ll come back and do it again next year.

In the meantime, I have enrolled into Applied Animal Behaviour.

I know right – we’re going into Week 3 and I’m just starting a subject! I don’t know about this subject…If this subject is anything like Applied Animal Physiology, I will ban myself from doing any subjects run by Land and Environments and go mental.

If this subject doesn’t work out, then I don’t know what I’m going to do. I don’t understand how my study plan works because I’m not your ‘typical’ uni student doing 4 subjects per semester. I don’t even know what I’m doing with my subjects anymore. BLAH. Time for me to visit the student centre…again.

ANYWAYS. Let’s move on to what else happened on campus in Week 2.

Week two on campus

Monday was Labour Day, and although it was a public holiday for everyone else – we still had to go to class. And I was really surprised by the number of people at Uni on Monday! Everyone is so dedicated…

In week 2 – we had lots of very caffeinated students and staff because House of Cards (formerly known as Kere Kere) gave away free coffee for a day! Lines were long, coffee was amazing, life was good. Much love to you Kere Kere!

This week, I went to Percy’s with a couple of friends to try out their coffees for the first time (we were quite excited!). And eh – it’s pretty ordinary, service was slow, won’t be going back there again.

I also checked out a number of events on campus this week:

San Cisco performing at Tuesday Band & BBQ

San Cisco was THE highlight of my week, and this made up for the not-so-public-holiday on Monday.

I have never seen North Court this packed before in my 2 years at uni. It was amazing! If you missed out on San Cisco, you can catch all the action here.

Melbourne Uni Sports’ ‘Big Day In’

I can imagine the amount of work and $$ involved in making this event possible. But there was one thing missing…


It wasn’t a big turn-out, and I didn’t really hear about the event until the day before. But hey – sympathy points to you.

Start of Uni Party (SoUP)

SoUP should be renamed to Jaffy Fest. There was even an incident of counterfeit tickets. And to whoever was behind the fake ticket – seriously, you LAMINATED the ticket? That was so silly. But you know what’s even sillier? That you were let into SoUP with THAT ticket.

Week 3 – please be nice to us.


2 thoughts on “Week 2: Exhausted, overwhelmed and sick

  1. I’m loving these weekly updates :). It’s surprising how overwhelming university can be, which is scaring me because I’m terrible at dealing with stressful situations. I really admire and appreciate the fact that you make time to update this blog in midst of all the stress. I don’t know you, but I honestly have to say that you seem like a wonderful, hardworking person.

    1. Hi Valen! Yeah, uni can be overwhelming at times – but don’t be put of by it. There are people at uni who can and will help you through it. Writing up these weekly posts about how the week went is kinda therapeutic! It helps me reflect back on how the week went, and also gives people an insight to what university is like. And thank you for the complement! Too kind.

      Hope your studies are going well!

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