Winter break

It is so nice to finally be on holidays! I had all these plans at the start of the break, going to various places and day trips…but meh – they didn’t really happen.

It’s nice to bum around and do nothing for a change. I’ve practically been living in my PJs, parked in front of the tv, and catching up with all the shows I’ve missed while studying last semester.

I went up to my friend’s farm the other week which was really nice! Here are some photos I took while I was away.

A lot of my friends are overseas for the break – and I’m completely jealous of the photos they’ve been uploading on facebook. Darn you lot!

Hmm…what else have I been up to these holidays…

I’ve been busy at work.

And to those who are new to the blog – I work with the unimelb social media team as an intern. We’ve been busy preparing for Open Day, which is creeping up on all of us! If you’re coming to Open Day, you should say hi to us at the social media booth somewhere on South Lawn :)

Cleaning out my study

I finally got around to cleaning out my study! I don’t think I’ve seen the bottom of my desk for many semesters…

I’ve always debated whether I should keep my notes or bin them – and I finally decided to bin them. So here’s two and a half years of uni junk I have disposed of, and boy it feels great!

Just in case you were wondering – I didn’t throw EVERYTHING away. I kept some stuff that I thought might be useful one day.

Re-vamped Tumblr

I’ve completely re-vamped the blog’s tumblr, and it looks quite nice (if I don’t say so myself). I’ll be spending more time on there from now, and it’s more for VCE students. But please feel free to ask me questions over Tumblr (you can ask anonymously too).

Check it:

Trying to organise exam reviews/appeals

You may have seen over Facebook that I was not happy with my exam marks. So I’ll fill you in with what’s happened.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 10.06.34 pm

I’m really happy with my mark for my summer subject, Experimental Marine Biol. It’s my first H1 for a science subject, so I’m really thrilled! Woo, love subjects with no exams!

Then there’s Evolution and the Human Condition, and Animal Behaviour – which I was so disappointed and upset about. Both of these subjects are similar – the assignment was worth 40%, and exam 60%. I did pretty well on the assignment, but must’ve done terribly in the exams (I don’t do well on exams, it’s a fact).

For evolution I received a 95 and 100 for the assignment, and for behaviour I received a 78 and 80 – so you know, those are pretty alright marks. And to receive a 64 (P) and a 66 (H3) after exams?

I knew I didn’t do my best on the exam, but I didn’t think I did THAT badly. And I studied pretty hard as well for the exams, so I was a bit crushed when I got the final results back.

Majority of people in both classes were in the same boat – we all received really low marks. So we emailed the subject co-ordinators asking what happened and requested to organise an exam review.

For Evolution, we found that the average exam mark was 52%. Ouch. I was really hoping they would standardise our marks, but they didn’t.

And in the co-ordinator’s reply, it said

As I mentioned at the start of the semester, it is very important for students to engage fully with the subject by attending lectures, and reading both the papers discussed in the lectures and more broadly.

I was rather taken aback with that reply because I DID study, I did the readings.

And we couldn’t organise an exam review until late July because both co-ordinators are away – so that was rather annoying.

Then 2 friends in my Evolution class decided to write a letter to the head of department explaining the situation. There were 114 students in the subject, and the letter managed to get 45 signatures – not a bad effort. I don’t know what’s going to happen now, but the head of dept has replied back saying he’s “having discussions with the relevant staff today about this matter.”

I don’t know whether I can be bothered chasing up to review my exams anymore. It shouldn’t be this difficult to organise a time.

I’ve also been doing some thinking about postgrad

I’ve been doing a bit of research around postgrad courses, and planning for life after my science degree.

The plan so far is this: finish my degree mid 2015, then travelling for the rest of the year, then return back in 2016 to study.

I am silently freaking out over postgrad. I’m worried about so many things – I worry that I can’t afford to do postgrad, I worry that I’m not smart enough to get in to a course, I worry that I’ll pick the wrong course.

Yeah, I’m a bit of stress head when it comes to postgrad stuff…

Currently, I’m tossing up between a Masters in Science (Zoology) and Masters in Global Media Communications.

And honestly – I’m having second thoughts about continuing science after undergrad. I’m just…not that happy doing science anymore. It’s not fulfilling, I don’t feel like I’m making a difference. But maybe it’s just a phase? I don’t know.

Planning more blog posts

Yay for more blog posts! I’ve really missed blogging and spending time working on Unimelb Adventures.

I’ve been quite hesitant about pumping blog posts out, because I’m worried about what people think when they read it. But I’m slowly getting over it :)

So yeah, that’s my holidays so far. Nothing overly exciting, but it’s nice to relax for a bit.

Hope you are enjoying your break!


7 thoughts on “Winter break

  1. Keep the blog posts coming, Daph! :)
    I’m in the same boat re:my marks this semester. I was really happy with three of my marks, and the fourth was just a ridiculous mark, but like you I wonder if it’s worth the effort chasing..

    Looking forward to more :)

  2. “And honestly – I’m having second thoughts about continuing science after undergrad. I’m just…not that happy doing science anymore. It’s not fulfilling, I don’t feel like I’m making a difference. But maybe it’s just a phase? I don’t know.”

    It’s worth trying to figure out whether you would enjoy the content outside of a University setting or not. For me, even though I genuinely enjoy studying mathematics, I find that the University environment is a little fast paced and unnecessarily stressful. This winter break, the fact that I have more time to do fewer things means I can actually enjoy working on my research (and the fact that I can do most of it from home is a bonus!).

    So, hopefully you do set aside an afternoon for some soul searching :p

  3. I missed your posts, so keep them coming! I’m sorry to hear about your exams. I’m not good with them either. My brain tends to work slower in these situations, which honestly makes me want to cry. You’ll probably figure things out soon. Maybe traveling will change your perspective and give you the break you need from the stress. Lots of love!

  4. Woo keep up with the blog posts Daph! Sucks for the marks you got, but hopefully they’ll bump up your average, I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Also, have you heard of the science and communication breadth subject? I did it last year and found it really enjoyable; you do blog posts for one assignment bit so I’m sure you’ll ace that :P It’s a pretty good intersection between science and media communication, which could be right down your alleyway. Anyway, hope you enjoy the rest of your break :)

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