Internet, meet Rosie!

Okay, so this blog post isn’t quite uni-related, but you all need to meet my new kitty, Rosie!

I’ve always wanted a cat, but since I’m still living at home and my mum doesn’t like having pets – I never won the ‘let’s have a cat’ debate.

Then one night, my family surprised me with this kitty cat from the RSPCA! I may have had a bit of a Kirsten Bell/Sloth moment when they brought the cat through the front door. And my mum filmed the whole thing, and that video will never ever surface to the internet.


Rosie’s an early 21st birthday present, and a little reward for surviving my worst semester at uni. She’s 10 months old and she’s been at the RSPCA for a week. Her previous owners had to give her up because they moved homes and couldn’t take her with them.

I am a little obsessed with her. She hasn’t left my sight since she’s got here.


I’ll leave you with a couple more photos of her!


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