Going into Semester 2

I have so many mixed feelings going into Semester 2.

At first, I was dreading going back to uni

Although I didn’t do anything extravagant during the winter break, I had a really good break! I enjoyed my break so much, that I really didn’t want to go back to uni. And that’s a first because I’ve always been quite excited about going back to uni.

I’ve enjoyed not feeling guilty that I’m kicking back, relaxing, and not having to worry about studying!

But I’m kinda relieved that the holidays are ending

Although I’ve enjoyed time being anti-social, staying home, watching tv, living in my pjs…I was starting to feel quite miserable and bored. So I’m looking forward to have some sort of routine back in life, and being busy again.

Then I felt sad about the coming semester

Normally, I would be graduating at the end of this semester. But I’ve decided to stick around for an extra semester, so I will be bidding my friends in my year level farewell at the end of this semester (hopefully they’ll come back to melb uni for postgrad). And I don’t want them to leave :(

I can’t believe the end of undergrad is near. I only have 1 semester left with my 3rd year friends, and I finish up in 2 semesters. And I guess I’m sad because I’ve had such a great time at Melbourne Uni, I’ve met so many great people here, have lots of awesome memories, and I kinda don’t want this to end. Although uni life isn’t perfect, Melbourne Uni has been a huge part of my life (as sad as it is), and I don’t want to let go of it yet.

And it’s also my last semester interning with the social media team at uni, and I will be so sad when it’s time to move on. This has been by far the best job I’ve ever had, and I don’t know if there’s another job at uni that can top this. Seriously you all – apply for the Social Media Internship when positions come out next year.


At the end of the day, semester 2 is super exciting!

It’s a brand new shiny semester! If things didn’t work out last semester, we can now learn from that and start over a new leaf.

I’m excited about the subjects I’m taking this semester. To recap, I’m doing: Plant Biodiversity, Sex: Science and the Community, Communicating Science and Technology, and I might be taking Forests in the Global Context over the mid sem break.

It’s no mistake that I’m not taking any zoology subjects this semester, or in the next semester. If you’re thinking of pursuing zoology-related fields, I would urge you to consider going to Deakin or La Trobe.

And I’m glad that uni starting up again because it’s so much easier to catch up with people. I will not miss the pain of trying to find a free time to meet up with people during the holidays.

meme-b2s-foreveralonepeopleatschoolAnd semester 2 is the best time of the uni calendar! It REALLY is!

We’ve got Prosh, all the uni balls, uni games, open day – all the fun things! I’ll elaborate more of those events in a later blog post.

In the meantime, enjoy the final hours of freedom.



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