Do you want a free crepe? (Yes, yes you do)

May I PLEASE ask a favour of you?

Many of you are aware that I work in the Social Media team at Uni (helping to look after the official University facebook, instagram, tumblr etc.) and we’re currently putting together a promo video for Open Day.

We’re looking for any videos that captures a snippet of your time as a student. And in return you get a FREE CREPE on us. Plus, if your video is featured in the actual promo video, you get a pretty Unimelb varsity jacket.

It could be videos of you going to lectures, bbq on south lawns, going to balls etc. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be vids of things on campus. It could be vids of you travelling overseas, going to concerts, hitting the town, having dinner with friends etc.

Videos don’t have to be very long (around 10 secs), but we will accept videos of any length. In addition, the video doesn’t have to be taken recently and we will accept videos taken in the past.

The last day for video submissions is this Friday (1 August) and you can upload their vids here:

Please please please, trawl through your computer and have a look to see if you have any videos lying around. There’s a delicious crepe and maybe a toasty warm unimelb jumper waiting for you. And, I will love you forever.

If you have any questions, let me know.

TL;DR: Submit a video about what you get up to as a student, get a free crepe, potentially a unimelb varsity jacket, and lots of love from me and the social media team.

Thank you so much!

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