Week 1 round up

I had a good first week back. Like, a crazy ridiculously good week. Where do I begin?

First off, I LOVE my classes.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt so happy and excited about my classes. I’ve got nothing to complain about them, I love each and every one of my subjects so much. If you are looking for a subject to swap into, I highly recommend any of the ones I’m doing this semester.

Anyways, I’ll go through each of my subjects in a little detail.

BOTA20002: Plant Biodiversity (science)

I think I’ve found I’ve found my calling. I cannot express how much love I have for the Botany department right now. They’re super organised, their staff are amazing, and I really enjoy the content.

We also have access to the labs and microscopes whenever we want. And this makes me SO HAPPY. I am very into working with microscopes, and getting the opportunity to check things out under the lens. And I am more excited that I get a chance to take time to take photos of the things I see under the lens and share it with you all!

Here are some photos I took in our first botany prac. We were looking at fern spores (reproductive bits of the plant), and here’s what they look like under the microscope.

Also – the botany department is even into memes!


Yep, they’ve ticked all the boxes for me. And I really wished I had picked Botany as my major instead of Zoology. I only have to do 1 more zoology subject to complete my major, so there’s no point changing majors now.

MULT20011: Communicating Science and Technology (breadth)

This subject is right up my alley and I’ve never been so motivated to do well in a subject before. I want top marks in this subject. I desperately want to hit the 90s.

In a way, I feel like this subject is a test for me. I feel pressured to do really well because of my experience, and since this is what I want to do. I want to be a science communicator. And if I don’t do well in it, then I’m not cut out to be one. Something along those lines.

The lecturers and tutor are super lovely and clearly passionate about what they are teaching.

Plus, the subject has no exams. WIN.

UNIB30004: Sex Science and the Community (breadth)

Oh my god. Geoff Shaw is THE best lecturer in the entire universe (don’t confuse him with that politician, different person!). He reminds me so much of Nigel Thornberry for some reason.

Here are some Geoff Shaw quotes I’ve picked up from class:

*Yelling* “If you’re not here for sex, this is your cue to exit.”
“If you were to send a picture of your left breast to your boyfriend…”
“If someone gives you a flower, remember that it’s just a stalk with some reproductive bits”
*loudly sings* “Every sperm is sacred”
“Isn’t clitoris a lovely word?”
“YOU, how often do you have sex?”

Yes, our lectures are very entertaining.

Making friends in Week 1

I was a bit nervous attending my classes this week because I barely knew anyone in my classes (I knew 1 person in Plant Biodiversity, and no one else in my other 2 subjects).

I’ve been so used to going to classes and knowing that some of my friends would be there too since we’re in the same major. But I’m not doing any subjects that go to my major this semester. So this would be the first time since 1st year that I’ve ventured outside my circle of my friends.

And it’s great!

Not that there’s anything wrong with my circle of friends. It’s just refreshing to chat to other people from other faculties, other year levels, and learn new perspective (this is one of the reasons why I love breadth subjects – I get to meet so many people of different backgrounds).

I’ve bumped into a number of people in class who reads this blog – and thank you for being so welcoming! It’s funny how some friendships naturally form.

Besides from class, it’s been a busy week at work

In the social media office, we’ve been super busy with Open Day shenanigans. Open Day is only 2 weeks away, and it’s crazy how fast it’s approaching! If you’re going to Open Day, you should visit the Social Media booth so I can give you freebies ;)

This week was the deadline to get videos for our Open Day promo video. And a big thank you to those who submitted videos! All the videos are now in the hands of a guy who’s doing his magic and putting it together. We’re all looking forward to see the final product!

Other uni stuff

This week was also spent trying to squeeze in as many crepe dates to catch up with friends. I’ve missed everyone!

Broods performed at the Tuesday Band and BBQ, and they were AWESOME live.

The line for the bookshop was super long, as per usual.

This week has also been spent trying to organise my tables for the Uni balls coming up. I’m going to Arts and Science this year, and it’s a bit stressful trying to get a table together! We’ve been given less than 2 weeks to sort everything out – find people, get money, fill out the forms etc. And you’d think that it’s pretty simple – but it really isn’t.

So yeah, that’s been happening too.

It’s been a big week.

I’m EXHAUSTED after this week of Uni, to the point where I actually burnt out on Thursday and stayed home to recover.

I guess I’m a little overwhelmed with everything. I don’t know how to be studious again. I’m not use to waking up at an ungodly hour, battling people in peak hour times, dealing with crowds in Union House, sitting still for an hour long lecture etc.

But it’s just a matter of adjusting and slowing getting back into the uni routine.

I’ve got quite a bit of work to do over the weekend – readings, summaries to write etc. But I also need to some to rest because I’m still not 100% up and running yet. Gah – finding a balance is hard.

Anyways…I have a really good feeling about this semester. There’s no way my semester can be any worse that the previous one. Things can only get better from here on!

I hope you had a good first week back. Enjoy your weekends.



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