Getting organised

Don’t know about you, but I’m starting to slightly freak out about all the assignments creeping up.

My lecturers and tutors are throwing a gazillion due dates at me in class.

“So you’ve got this due in this week…that due in that week…oh and that test in mid sem…”

Meanwhile, I’m sitting in class going…

Credit: Reaction GIFS
Credit: Reaction GIFS

So I decided that it’s time to get organised.

Something that has worked really well for me in the past is to print out calendars, mark out the important dates, and stick it where I would see it all the time.

I use the standard Calendar app on my Mac and print out the relevant months for the semester. Then looking at the Academic Calendar, I would mark out the weeks and any important dates.


First, I would mark my calendar with Week 1, Week 2 etc., when the mid semester is, exam period and so on.

Then I’ll add in when all my assessments are due. I like to colour coordinate my subjects, and I tend to also write how much the assessment is worth next to it.

Yes, band camp…stop laughing

But the thing is – for some of my subjects, they haven’t released when the assessments are due. Which is like…what? Can you hurry up and tell us when things are due and how much they’re worth?


After adding those assessment dates, I’ll add things like – friends’ birthdays, events, extra-curriculum things etc. This helps to give me an idea of how busy things are looking in the future.

Then I stick my calendar on the wall above my desk so I can clearly see what I’ve got coming up. And I continue to add things on that wall calendar as I get more info.

My kitty also likes to look at what I’ve got coming up

So yes, if you are not the world’s most organised person – this is a good starting point.

To make things easier, I’ve created a PDF version of the calendar that you can download and print out! I’ve already marked out the weeks for you, so it’s all ready to go.

–> Download and print a Semester 2 calendar here <–

Take 15 minutes out of your day, and get organised for Semester 2. It will help in the long run.


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