1/3 of a semester down

We say it every semester, but it’s crazy how fast the semester is flying by. I don’t even know where the past 4 weeks have gone! It’s all been a big blur to me.

Things in Daphane-land are going well. This semester is shaping up to be one of my favourite/most enjoyable semesters at uni, which is just what I needed after semester 1, aka the worst semester in the history of uni. My faith in uni and everything has been restored!

On the academic side of things…

Things are starting to get stressful with assignments flooding in. All the assignments come at you at the same time don’t they? I thought I was super organised for everything, but no.

My first assignment was due yesterday at 5pm, but somehow I thought it was due at midnight (I got the times mixed with an online quiz). So instead of having 4 hours to polish my assignment, I had 15 minutes. I submitted the worse piece of writing I’ve ever done at Uni.

The good news is that no marks will be assigned to that assignment (this assignment was a hurdle), but other people in my class will be reading it and giving me feedback on it…and I know I’m going to receive shocking feedback.

And I just…ARGH. It drives the perfectionist in me over the cliff.

It’s completely my fault though. I didn’t plan my time properly and I’ve been enjoying uni a bit too much, and not hitting the books enough.

Anyways, lesson learnt!


Besides from that assignment hiccup,  I’m still enjoying my subjects! I haven’t withdrawn from any of them, so surely that’s a good sign.

I’ll briefly talk about each of my subjects in more detail:

BOTA20002 Plant Biodiversity

Love it! It has to be one of my all time favourite subjects. It’s the class I look forward to every week, and I really enjoy the content. I haven’t been in a subject where the people in the class are so enthusiastic and motivated. And it makes such a big difference to the subject!

We have a great facebook group going too! If you’re doing this subject, come and join the group here.

The prac classes compliment the things covered in the lectures, and I love playing with the microscopes every week.

MULT20011 Communicating Science and Technology

Loving this too! I find it really interesting learning about science communication and meeting people from difference science disciplines.

I find that I put a lot of pressure on myself in this subject. I feel obliged to do really well in this subject, but the pressure I’m putting on myself is doing more harm than good…I can’t get any work done in this subject because I feel the constant need for it to be perfect. Argh.

As part of the subject, we have to contribute to the subject blog. And I reckon you should check out the blog post I’ve just published over there! It’s about these sex-changing, tongue-eating parasites. They’re very cool in their own ways.

Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 9.32.45 pm

Read it, read it –> When I grow up, I want to be a tongue

UNIB30004 Sex: Science and the Community

The novelty of having the amazing Geoff Shaw as my lecturer/coordinator has worn off. He’s not taking the lectures now and we’ve been getting guests coming in every week.

I’m kinda over this subject now. I find it really disjointed having guest lecturers every week. The lectures don’t quite ‘flow’ (if that makes any sense at all?). I strongly dislike the class debates, and I strongly dislike the weekly online quizzes.

They say this subject is a breadth, but it really isn’t. There’s so much science in it, and I’m having trouble getting my head around some of the things covered in class.


On the social side of things

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to find times to catch up with people, which sucks.


The 21sts mania continues. It’s lovely to celebrate friends’ birthdays! It’s also a constant reminder about what I’m going to do with my 21st coming up. In all honesty – I don’t really want one (is it okay to not have one?). But the majority calls for a party, and well…I don’t know.

Uni balls

I’m really looking forward to Arts and Science Ball next month! It’s been CRAZY trying to organise tables and figuring out the logistics of everything, but it’s done. Tickets have been purchased!

Haven’t quite figured out costumes yet, but we still have time on our hands.

Prosh Week

Prosh is coming!! This will be the first Prosh I’m actually participating in. If you’re looking for a prosh team to join, join Destination Prosh! It’s a small team that I’m in this year, we’re all super lovely, and you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

We’re a team that’s there for fun, not so much about the points…although points would be kinda awesome!

Other stuff that’s been happening

Intensive subject in Peru over Jan?

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 3.05.23 pm

Get excited everyone! I might be going to Peru to do an intensive subject looking at the flora and fauna of the country.

This program is offered through an organisation called Aim Overseas, and my friends have done their programs before and loved it.

I’ve always wanted to do this program, but hesitated for a number of reasons (mainly $$). But with so many of my friends currently on exchange and having a ball, I thought, screw it, let’s do this!

So yeah, I applied for it the other day and I really really hope I get in!

I’m jumping in the deep end of the pool here. I have no idea what I’m getting myself into, how this subject will be credited at uni, how much money I need…I DON’T EVEN SPEAK SPANISH!

Please let there be a travel scholarship or something that can subsidise my trip!

If things work out and I get into the program, I can join my best friend on the last leg of her central america trip and return home together.

That would be perfect!

Open Day madness

Open Day was a huge success! This was the first work I’ve worked at (instead of volunteering), and it was great fun.

You don’t realise how much work goes into Open Day until you go behind the scenes. It’s incredibly rewarding to see everyone working together, and to see everything fall into place.

This would mark my final Open Day, which is kinda sad. I will miss it dearly.

Dealing with Year 12/uni preference madness


Meet my little sister, Nicole. She’s currently slaving away in Year 12, and it’s also the time of year where they have to start putting their uni preferences down. It’s heartbreaking to see her all stressed out over VCE and life after VCE.

I’ve been bring her around to all the Open Days helping her out with the whole uni she-bang. And while I’ve been bringing her to the Open Days, I’ve also been asking about postgrad stuff (yaaaay).

And it’s so weird that she’s going to Uni next year! My baby sister is growing up and everything. Stop!

Oh little one, you have no idea what’s ahead of you.

Rosie update


Oh, and Rosie had her first taste of the outside world. She enjoyed it very much. She’s also glad you enjoyed her last blog post. 10/10 would feature in another blog post.

What’s ahead?

The road ahead is dark and full of assignments and studying. Not particularly fun, but it has to be done.

Hope everything is going well on your side of town! Till the next blog post.



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