Going into Week 6

Am I right to say that this is usually the time of semester when things start to get out of hand?

There’s about 10001 things on my to-do list, assignment due dates around the corner, the never ending summaries to write up…

Yep, we’ve hit that time of semester! Yaaaaaaaay.

Week 5 was…

A bit of a blur actually. It went really quickly!

I had my first test for the semester (for Plant Biodiversity), and it went okay. I wished I had spent more time preparing for it though. I was quite distracted last week because I’ve been running around trying to finalise my Study Abroad application.

If you missed my previous blog, I’ve applied for a Study Abroad program in Peru (woo!). I had my phone interview last week, and gotten through the next round. So yes, I was rather busy doing the admin stuff for that.

My weekend was spent indoors, studying. So I missed out on the beautiful weather :( Rosie also kept my company while I was writing up my summary notes. She’s also an excellent distraction.


Week 6 is going to be…

Crazy. Absolutely crazy.

In fact, the whole of September is going to be rather busy, but exciting at the same time! Although working on assignments aren’t particularly fun, there’s arts and science ball coming up, prosh, birthdays etc.  It’s going to be one hell of a month!

I know from previous semesters that it’s during this time of semester when I catch the ‘mid-sem blues’. Symptoms include lack of motivation, extreme fatigue, increased irritability, withdrawing from social activities, ‘I don’t care anymore’ attitude etc.

But I working on beating the mid-sem blues this semester. I’ll be making sure I don’t work myself to the ground, and taking extra care of myself this time round. I’ve got some tips under my sleeve which I’m going to test out first before sharing them on the blog (just to make sure those tips actually work).

This week is also election week (hence why there are plenty of people around campus handing out flyers). I’m not sure what I can, and can’t say about the elections because I’m actually running in the election this year. Everything we say about elections has to be approved, so once I get the approval – you’ll see something about elections here.

Anyways, go have a good week! And good luck with those assignments ahead.


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