Student elections 2014

Full disclaimer: I am running with More Activities! in the student elections this year.

Student election is possibly THE WORST week on campus. You hate it, I hate it, we all hate it.

Nevertheless, student elections ARE important as they shape who represents us next year and they have some power over where our SSAF goes to. So I would strongly encourage you to vote.

If you’re new to this student election business, Farrago has put together a 2014 Student Election Guide which is worth to check out. It outlines what the positions are, what they mean, how to vote, profiles of the parties/candidates etc.

My recommendation? Take a More Activities! brochure, and follow the voting guide on there.

More Activities! are the people in pink – you can’t miss them.

More importantly, I would urge you to vote Rachel Withers for President.

I can vouch for Rachel. She genuinely cares about the students at uni, she’s so committed, hardworking, and I know she will get the job done. I honestly can’t think of anyone better to be president.

So please don’t throw your vote away. Voting is quick and painless. Read the brochures, make an informed decision, and vote before the booths close tomorrow.



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