Arts and Science Ball 2014

Well done to the Arts and Science committee for throwing 2 awesome balls! Instead of writing up 2 separate posts about arts and science ball, I’ve combined them into the one to make life easier.

I’m a big fan of Arts and Science ball. I’ve been to every Science Ball since 1st year (so this makes it my 3rd), and this would be my 2nd Arts Ball.

Both balls are costume-themed, and are held at the Victory Room at Etihad Stadium. They’re also considerably cheaper than the fancier formal biomed/commerce balls which are held at The Peninsula.

First off, let’s talk about Arts Ball.

When: 9 September, starting at 7.30pm
Price: Members $83/ Non Members $88
After party: Tramp Bar
Theme: Get Animated

Arts ball was good fun! Although I do miss the proper photobooth we had last year.


The decorations were quite cool! The photo doesn’t do it any justice, but they had the ‘Get Animated’ placemats, and decorated the tables with animated characters which must’ve taken them forever to put together.


Food wise – both Arts and Science Ball had almost identical meals. I can’t remember what we had exactly – but it was something like springrolls and dim sims for entree, chicken schnitzel with vegetables for mains, and for “dessert” we had a selection of fishcakes, more springrolls or something.

And yes – the most disappointing thing of both balls was the lack of proper dessert! Is it an Etihad thing? Does Etihad no longer do desserts? But we always used to have dessert? BRING BACK OUR DESSERTS! :'(

I didn’t go to the after party, but I heard it was alright.

Also – I’m not sure if M-ASS were trolling me, or if they think Saphane is my actual name?


Science ball was…

A-friggin-mazing! By far, my most favourite ball I’ve ever been to!

Here are some details of the ball:

When: 17 September, starting at 7pm
Price: $89 for members and $94 for non-member
After party: Wah Wah Lounge (free bus to take people there)
Theme: Once upon a time

I think there was a larger crowd at Science Ball compared to Arts this year. Science Ball was packed and everyone’s costumes looked amazing!

The music was better at Science Ball, mostly because Science had a live band performing and they were awesome.

There was a photobooth on the night! The queue was maaaasive, but well worth it.


Science Ball also fell on some people’s 21st birthdays! The Science committee rounded up everyone at the ball to sing happy birthday to me and my awesome friend Amrith. So sweet of them!

Thanks Roshane and Yas <3

Overall, both balls were awesome!

For those of you yet to attend your first ball at uni, go go go. There are still a number of balls left in the semester (see here).


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