Secure laptop & phone charging

If you need a place to charge your laptop/phone/other electrical items – did you know there are secure charging lockers around campus you can use?

Secure laptop/phone charger lockers are great because you can leave your things to charge, go away to do something else, and come back to it later.

There are 2 places I’m aware of that have these secure laptop/phone charging lockers:

1) Arts West foyer

EDIT: Arts West is under construction. Who knows when the construction will be completed.

You can find these lockers at the ground floor of Arts West foyer, near the bathrooms/study area/M-ASS office.


How on earth do these lockers work?

Follow the instructions located above the lockers.

There is one powerpoint and 2 USB ports inside the lockers. And you can also use multiple lockers if you want. I’ve never ever seen the Arts West lockers full.

2) Union House

The secure laptop/phone charging lockers are located on the ground floor of Union House, between the info desk and the Uni Store.

You’ll need to go to the info desk with ID and a $20 deposit to get a key to the locker. (You’ll get the $20 back when you return the key).


If you lose your key, not only will you lose your $20 deposit, you will be charge an addition $80 for a lock replacement.


More info:

How secure are these ‘secure’ laptop/phone charging lockers?

I’ve never used these lockers before, mainly because I have great separation anxiety with my phone and laptop…so I can’t answer that question!

I think I’d feel more comfortable leaving my stuff at the Union House lockers because there are staff at the info desk who will be able to keep an eye on the lockers while I’m away. But I’m quite notorious for losing things, so I’m not too keen on paying the lock replacement fee if I were to lose the locker key.

So yes, these lockers exist. Charge all the things!

– Daphane


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