Farewell semester 2

And just like that, another semester has come to an end. Time has just slipped out of our hands!

I’ve finished this semester, heavy with mixed feelings.

On one hand, there’s happiness. This has been my favourite semester out of my degree so far. I’ve been lucky to have met some awesome people in my classes, I actually liked my classes, and mental wellbeing-wise, this has been my best semester. I feel…strangely calm and focused. Such a contrast to a very distressed and frantic Daphane in past semesters.

And on the other hand, there’s sadness. I bid farewell to a large number of friends after these exams, and it’s hard to say goodbye. To those who are new to the blog, here’s some background information – I’m suppose to finish uni this semester (I’m in 3rd year), but I underloaded, took 3 instead of 4 subjects, and extended my degree to another semester.

And no, I don’t regret decision to stick around an extra semester. In fact, it’s probably the best thing I’ve done. But I have to admit it’s a little heartbreaking to see your friends graduate without you. I’m really hoping some of them will stick around Unimelb for postgrad, but we won’t know until offers come out later in the year.

This kinda feels like the end of Year 12 all over again. Everyone applying for courses, saying your goodbyes, not knowing what the future holds…

So yes, the end of semester 2 is bittersweet.

Finishing up assessments in Week 12

Finishing all your assignments is one of the best feelings!

For Communication Science and Technology, I survived a major group assignment with most of my sanity intact. And the best thing about this subject is that, the subject actually finishes in Week 11. There are no classes in Week 12, and no exams. AWESOME!

If you’re thinking of doing this subject, don’t be put off by the group assignment. It’s not that painful.

For Sex: Science and the Community, it was my group’s turn to do a debate (we have biweekly debates that you have to do), and meh, it was okay. Not my best work, but the debate was worth so little to my final grade and TBH I had other priorities.

I also got one of my assignments back and received a lovely surprise!

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 4.54.54 pm

You know that feeling where you think you’ve been doing pretty poorly throughout semester, and out of nowhere you get a good mark? Yeah, I was kinda happy. It was reassuring that I can do well in this ambiguous subject.

If you’re thinking of doing this subject, I urge you to reconsider. As great as Geoff Shaw is, there are better breadth subjects to choose from.

For Plant Biodiversity, I handed in the final assignment which was a herbarium (a collection of pressed plants). This assignment took a while to complete, and it was a great feeling when I handed it in.

The subject coordinators also threw us a botany-themed party which was super cute and geeky. All the foods and drinks were labelled with their appropriate scientific names and families.

Quick side note – if you’re thinking of doing Plant Biodiversity, I highly recommend it. I cannot express how much I love the Botany department. I really enjoyed this subject, the coordination was ace, the pracs compliment the lectures, the demonstrators are so helpful…the subject is just really great! Do it!

I’ll find time to write proper subject reviews once exams are done.

The social side of Week 12

Okay, I said it on Facebook, and I’ll say it again. The festival that M-ASS and Planet Uni brought to South Lawn last week, was one of THE BEST events at uni I’ve ever been to.

A petting zoo, facepainting, snow cones, jumping castles, popcorns…it was such an awesome way to end the semester!

The road ahead

Yep, definitely time to buckle down and study now. I only have 2 exams this time round and they’re quite late in the exam period, Plant Bio is on the 14th and Sex Science on the 18th. No, I’m not ready for the exams. But I will be.

I really wished there were more practice exams available! Actually…if I even have ONE full practice exam paper at hand, that’d be kinda nice.


Anyways, good luck with your swotvac and exams! Freedom is near.

– Daph

6 thoughts on “Farewell semester 2

  1. It will feel odd next year when a lot of my friends graduate and I’m stuck for another year finishing off my bachelor :/

    Sounds like all has been going well with you. Which is good. Good luck with exams

  2. hey just a quick question on undertaking Sex: Science and the community. Was the subject relatively easy or did it require a lot of work throughout the semester and for the exam. thankss :)

    1. Hey Dulitha,

      Yes, I’d say that the subject was relatively easy – especially if you have a science background. To be honest – I didn’t do much study for this subject. The workload throughout the semester was not a lot compared to the other subjects I’ve done. The exam requires you to know the big general concepts, but they also test you for those little details which are really annoying. So there are 3 sections of the exam – multiple choice, short answer, and essays. The short answer is they give you a key word or a name of a person, and you write 3/4 points that relate to that key word. And the essays are very broad topics and test your ability to draw on different perspectives.

      Other people really enjoyed this subject, but it was a ‘meh’ for me. I found most classes dry, and tutorials boring – but did pretty good overall.

      Hope that helps!

      1. Yess! That helps a lot. Thank you so much :) i was wondering if you had any level 2 or level 3 science subjects you could recommend me. Im doing an engineering major and im looking for some easy subjects. Thanks :)

      2. If you’re into animals, there’s an awesome subject called Australian Wildlife Biology which is a level 2 science subject. The subject is an overview of all main groups of animals in Australia and it was a pretty light and fun subject! Here’s the link for the handbook entry: https://handbook.unimelb.edu.au/view/2015/ZOOL20004. You can also look at subject reviews of a number of science subjects here: http://www.atarnotes.com/forum/index.php?topic=43031.0. That may help you get a better understanding of what the subjects are like :)

        – Daphane

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