Introducing the new Architecture Building

Make welcome the newest building to unimelb: The Melbourne School of Design (aka the architecture building)!

Such a relief that there are no more of those annoying detours! Getting to Redmond Barry was an absolute nightmare during construction.

It’s incredible to see the Architecture building transform from this…

Photo: Lost on Campus 2012

To this….

12 April 2013

And to this…

Image: UMSU 2014

The Architecture Building is now open to everyone (woo!), so go and check it out if you’re around. Embrace that new smell. But here’s a peak inside the building if you’re away on holidays.

First off, there are powerpoints…EVERYWHERE. It’s a dream come true. Those wheely chairs in the photo below are beyond amazing for wheely chair races. So. Much. Fun. And unbelievably comfy too.

As you head up each level, there are more study spaces. 

There’s also this very red lounge area hidden away on one of the levels.

On the top floor, there’s a really cool Japanese Garden/balcony and there’s also a cafe up there. I didn’t get photos of the area because there was a function there at the time, but it’s pretty cool up there.

Plenty of lockers around the building too. I imagine that only MSD students will be able to use and hire them, but who knows – I haven’t heard anything about how these lockers will be hired out etc.


The new Architecture library is also pretty cool! It’s decked out with new computers, powerpoints everywhere…and there are a number of project rooms around too.

Looking forward to spend some time studying in this building next semester!

Enjoy the new smells while they last.

– D

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