Week 3 studying abroad: Venturing to the Amazon

So I didn’t have the greatest time in Week 2, but things have looked up this week!

First of all – baby Rosie has been found! Thank you all for your messages. I really appreciate it. She was found hiding in the corner of my backyard neighbour’s front yard after 2 days since she was missing.


This week in my study abroad adventures, we went on a 4 day trip to the Amazon forest and yes, it was one of the most phenomenal experiences I’ve ever had.

It definitely threw my homesickness out the window!

It was so surreal to experience the forest firsthand. I’ve always read about the Amazon in textbooks and seen photos of the wildlife online.

But to see it all in real life?

It was so incredible and I’m counting my lucky stars for this opportunity.

Getting to our lodge was a bit of a hike. We took a plane out of Cuzco to a place called Puerto Maldonado, then jumped on a bus, then on a boat.

We stayed at a place called the EcoAmazonia Lodge, and there was no wifi, no hot showers, and electricity only runs from 6-10pm.

While in the Amazon, we went on many hikes to lakes, lagoons and islands. We also saw a range of wildlife in the jungle.

Here are some of the photos I took while on our hikes.

Many a Caimans were spotted. These guys are related to alligators.

Spider Monkey. Spider Monkey. Does whatever a Spider Monkey does.
Cheeky Capuchin

We managed to spot this sloth from afar. Such a lucky spot!

My roommate (she’s from University of Queensland) and I on the viewing deck at the Lost Lake.

I’m still on a high from our adventures in the Amazon, and I’m not looking forward to the rest of the classwork coming up next week.

This coming week will be the last week of classes (hurray!). We’ve got a number of assignments to do, including a big debate and our final paper and presentation due on Thursday (our last day of official class).

As much as I want to fly back to Melbourne straight after the program is done, I’m stopping over in L.A. for a couple of days to meet a friend (which will be awesome!), then I’ll be back in Melbourne on Feb 6.

I’m itching to get back to Melbourne! So many things to do, most of which is blog-related.

More about my trip to the Amazon and other study abroad shenanigans over on this blog: https://onesummerabroad.wordpress.com

Hope you’ve all been well!


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