Wanted: Bloggers to join Unimelb Adventures

That time has finally arrived.

Unimelb Adventures has been my baby for the past 2 years, and it’s time for me to loosen the reins. I’m now looking for bloggers to join me on this crazy and exciting ride!

Application details are at the end of this post, but here’s some info about the blog and I for your information.

A bit about the blog:

I started Unimelb Adventures at the end of my first year (in 2012), and I had no idea it would turn into what it is today.

I’m still stumped by its success to this day.

I guess I always knew I wanted to start a blog about my time at uni. But I thought that no one would read it since I was just a silly jaffy then.

As I went through my first year, there were so many things I wished someone had told me. Things like the services around campus, tips, important dates, how to enrol into classes, how everything worked etc.

Then, I got a job at uni through Students at Work at the end of first year. I worked at 13 MELB and at the Baldwin Spencer Student Admin over the summer at the end of my first year. I learned a lot about the admin side of uni – and I wanted to share it with people.

What ultimately made me start the blog was a program called Destination Melbourne (it’s a program for new first year students). I knew I was in a position to help these first years, and the best way was to start this blog so all the information was readily accessible.

So I did.

Click click boom – Unimelb Adventures was born.

From a blog that started out with the intention for the eyes of approx 50 first years, it has now miraculously grown to thousands of fans on Facebook. It averages around 600-1,000 views a day and is read by students, staff, parents(!), prospective students etc.

Unimelb Adventures has also been mentioned in the media, appearing in The Age, Herald Sun, and in VOICE – a university newspaper.

One would argue that Unimelb Adventures is the biggest university student blog across Australia.

What makes the blog special is that it’s completely student run. It is independent and bears no official affiliation to the University, which is great because it allows me to authentically capture the voice of students.

A bit about the person behind the computer:

My name is Daphane (yes, it’s spelt that way) and I’m now in my fourth year of a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Zoology. I finish my degree mid year, and I’m planning to take the rest of the year off to travel and work, then returning to unimelb to do a Masters in Global Media Comms or Marketing Communications or something to be decided.

I practically live, eat and breathe uni (it’s sad, I know). I love helping people – especially helping new students adjust to life at uni. I want to make everyone’s time at unimelb just that little bit better.

Umm…what else.

In my spare time I play dodgeball, I play in a band, I’ve been called a heartbreaker on numerous occasions, I like to stand awkwardly in the corner at parties and I walk into an embarrassing large number of automatic doors.

Who I’m looking for:

Anyways, back on point. I’m ultimately looking for people who share the same values as me – to do good and help other people.

I’m looking for students from a range of backgrounds. People studying different degrees, different majors, undergrad and postgrad students, local and international students, college kids etc. And I’m looking for people who can bring something new and creative to the plate.

Blogging experience is desirable, but not essential. I had no idea what I was doing at the beginnings of Unimelb Adventures. I learned as I go and blogging is something you will improve on over time. You find your style of writing, you find your voice.

This blog is run on WordPress and if you’re not familiar with this platform – that’s okay. We’ll go through it together.

What you’re signing up to:

This blogging opportunity is voluntary. Contrary to what many believe, I am not getting paid to run this blog, nor does this blog receive any funding from the university.

I can pay you in hugs and origami though?

It’s expected that you contribute a blog post a fortnight. The type of posts I’m looking for are anything uni-related. Things that would be helpful for others like tips, how tos, or blogging about your uni experiences to give others an insight of your life on campus etc.

But you know, I’m very open to new ideas and new approaches.

What you’ll get out of it:

Well, I think you’ll get a lot from this experience, and I will also get to learn from you! But these are some things you’ll get out of contributing to Unimelb Adventures:

It will be a rewarding experience!

Think back to what it’s like in first year. I’m sure the first years will love you for your help and insights.

Something you can put your resume.

Blogging is a highly-sought after skill in today’s market. I can even teach you a thing or two about social media and show you the ropes. Basically if you want to learn something from me – I’ll be more than happy to help.

Make connections around campus. 

I’ve met so many wonderful people through the blog, and I’m sure you will too. Hell, I’m pretty sure this blog is the reason why I managed to get the Social Media Internship last year.

And lastly…

You’ll get to be a part of something big and exciting!

I’m also happy for you to link back to another blog you run, or a project you’re doing. Happy to share the publicity.


Send a short blog post around 500 words to dhng[at]student.unimelb.edu.au, and tell me a bit about yourself in the email.


If you run a blog (doesn’t have to be about uni), you can send me a link to your blog instead of writing up a post.

There are no real guidelines about this sample piece. As long as the piece is something uni-related, that’s fine by me. Send the sample blog post as a word doc or whatever format that is mac-friendly.

Please get your applications in by Friday 20 Feb, 2015 at midnight. If you need more time to get your applications in, just let me know.

TL;DR – Unimelb Adventures is going to kick ass in 2015. It’s expanding and I’d love people to be a part of it. I’m recruiting new bloggers and if you love helping people and giving back to the community – please apply!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

Looking forward to see your applications!

– Daphane

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