Where can I buy textbooks second-hand?

Who buys textbooks brand new nowadays anyways? Here are some places you can purchase textbooks second-hand.

1. StudentVIP textbooks

Previously known as ‘Textbook Exchange”, it’s probably the biggest online place to purchase second-hand textbooks. I buy most of my textbooks though StudentVIP, and have found it to be quite good.

Website: https://studentvip.com.au/textbooks

2. On noticeboards around campus

There are several noticeboards around campus where people advertise their books. Try the boards on the ground floor of Union House or in Faculty buildings (for example – there’s always people advertising their psychology textbooks in Redmond Barry, and advertising their med/science textbooks in biomed library).

3. On unimelb facebook groups

There are lots of people who advertise their books on various facebook groups. Try looking on your faculty club’s facebook page. So for example, if I’m looking for science textbooks, I’d have a look on the Science Student’ Society (SSS) fb page etc.

Or try these other related facebook groups:

Textbook exchange: www.facebook.com/groups/296080723806986/

Free and for sale: www.facebook.com/groups/296080740473651/

4. The Co-op

Apparently they now stock second-hand books! I’m not sure whether they stock them on the shelves, or whether it’s available online.

5. The Book Co-op

The Book Co-op is different to The Co-op. It’s a small shop located on the first floor of Union House, just opposite the Food Co-op. It’s a place to swap/buy/sell second-hand textbooks and other things.

6. Online stores

Some people purchase their books online on sites like Ebay, Amazon and the Book Depository. Just pay attention to the shipping times because sometimes it takes much longer for the books to get to you.

Where else do you get your second-handbooks? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll add it to this list.

– Daphane

One thought on “Where can I buy textbooks second-hand?

  1. I find it usually cheaper to buy the etext version (for example if it’s a book by Wiley then buy it from http://www.wileydirect.com.au/) it works out to $50 for the newest edition, and I can keep it on my ipad for life. Pretty decent compared to a $70 secondhand book from last year :)

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