O Week 2015: the main events

Okay – it is far too difficult to figure out the O Week program.

So I’ve created this ‘master’ schedule for the week. Of course it doesn’t cover every single event, but it’s a guide to the main events happening on each day.

Here it is!


This is the biggest day of O Week. The main event on this day is the carnival. You should be able to track down lots of freebies on this day. Before I delve into details about the carnival, let’s talk about the host program.

Host program
Various locations, various times

The host program kicks off O Week. First years will allocated into a group of other newbies in your degree. Then your group is assigned to a host which is someone in their later years of the same degree. The host program runs at different times depending on your degree:

> Biomed and Commerce: 9.30am
> Science, Environments and Agriculture: 9.45am
> Arts and Music: 10.15am

Different hosts from different degrees will have different coloured lanyards. Here are the colours:

Arts = royal blue
Biomed = red
Commerce = pale blue
Enviro + agri = yellow
Music = purple
Science and oral health = green

The Carnival
South Lawn, 11am-3pm

All the student services (financial aid, academic skills etc.) will be there on South Lawn. So you can visit them and learn more about who they are, what they do etc.

Here’s the line up for what’s going on at the carnival.

  • 11am – 1pm: Red Bull DJ
  • 11.45am – 12.45pm: Jane Fondle hula hoop workshop
  • 1pm – SURPRISE! Be sure to be in front of the stage… 
  • 1.15pm – TripleR Broadcast on stage with Breaking and Entering hosts: Lauren Taylor and Simon Winkler.
  • 2.20pm: Total Giovanni live band

More info: http://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/events/oweekcarnival/


Aka the boring day of O Week. This day is usually the quietest out of the week, but there are some fun things on too. The main events on this day is the academic orientation and the VCA carnival.

Academic orientation
Parkville campus (various locations), various times

There are lots of sessions if you want to know more about your course and other things.

Head here for session times: http://go.unimelb.edu.au/33wn

VCA Carnival
Southbank campus, 12-2pm

Heads up – this carnival is much smaller in comparison to the big one on South Lawn.


Thursday and Friday will be busy days if you want to join clubs. Both the sporting clubs and clubs & societies day run over those two days because there are too many clubs to have them all on the same day. Make sure you bring cash if you’re planning to join clubs.

The main events on this day will be what I mentioned above (clubs), and the outdoor cinema night.

Sporting clubs day
Concrete lawns (next to Union Lawns), 11am-3pm

I can’t find a list of clubs for this day, so yeah.

Clubs and societies day
South lawn, 11am-3pm

You can find the list of clubs present on this day here.

Outdoor cinema
North Court, 7pm

UMSU will be showing Guardians of the Galaxy at 8pm, and there will be beanbags, blankets, and also a free candy bar at 7pm.

More info: http://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/events/oweekmovienight/

Also – Science Pub Crawl
HJC Bar (level 1 Union House), 2pm

Aka, “The Historical Tour of Local Establishments“. If you’re wondering why all these pub crawls have such fancy names, it’s because they’re not allowed to call it a pub crawl under the uni’s regulations.


The final day of O Week! Main events for this day are the other clubs, and the Luna Park party.

Sporting clubs day
Concrete lawns (next to Union Lawns), 11am-3pm

Clubs and societies day
South lawn, 11am-3pm

You can find the list of clubs present on this day here.

Luna Park
Luna Park, 4-7pm

UMSU Activities have booked out Luna Park on this night! For $20, you get unlimited rides for those 3 hours. More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/991148607581750/


If you’re looking for where/when all the free BBQs are etc. You will find them on this calendar: http://umsu.unimelb.edu.au/events-calendar/

Hope this blog post clears things up!

– Daphane

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